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Florida stoner/doom/sludge trio Stoned Morose announce debut EP »Pure Hesher Doom« and share the first single »Esoterica«!

Florida stoner/doom/sludge trio Stoned Morose has announced their debut EP, »Pure Hesher Doom«, set to release on April 20th, 2023. »Pure Hesher Doom« EP can be pre-saved at this location.

Listen to the first single »Esoterica« below!

01. (Rise) Om Phoenix
02. Esoterica
03. Cult Of Betrayal
04. Servile
05. Game Over

Album details:

Stoner/doom/sludge band Stoned Morose is set to release their highly anticipated debut EP, »Pure Hesher Doom«, on April 20th. Hailing from Florida, the three-piece band consists of veteran and primary songwriter Jay Stoned, drummer Joseph Nicholson, and bassist Matt Flangehand Went.

Stoned Morose’s heavy, hypnotic sound is created by tuning their guitars to double drop A and incorporating ultra-low guttural throat singing. The band’s minimalist approach to songwriting, combined with their emotive lyrics about war, suicide, and overcoming trauma through hallucinogens, make for a truly brutal listening experience.


The EP was recorded at Led Belly Studios in Dawsonville, GA, with Matthew Washburn at the helm, and features artwork by Italian illustrator Montdoom. »Pure Hesher Doom« includes five tracks, including »(Rise) Om Phoenix«, a slam-riff allegory about ascension, and »Esoterica«, the EP’s first single, set to be released in February. The album also features »Cult Of Betrayal«, a tough-guy anthem inspired by »Fight Club«, »Servile«, a song about addiction and BDSM, and the epic »Game Over«, a track about the degradation of the planet and the impending global catastrophe.

Stoned Morose’s »Pure Hesher Doom« is a must-listen for fans of heavy metal and hard rock. The EP will be available for purchase and streaming on April 20th.

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