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Follow The Smoke – A Journey From Stoner To Doom (Part I) (2020)

The first chapter in a new documentary, »Follow The Smoke – A Journey From Stoner To Doom (Part I)« from audio engineer and filmmaker Ariane Stoltenberg.

A music documentary about the love and passion for music within the stoner rock and doom metal scene which is the music I adore once I heard the first rhythm.

To me music is the most powerful, energetic and sensual form of art. It gives me energy, goosbumps, sexy chills and it makes me cry. It awakens my memories and encourages me for the future, it makes me relax, it makes me wake up. All kinds of emotions can be transported by music.

Since years I have wanted to do a documentary about music. One day in November 2019 I decided to seize the day and finally do it, inspite of having no budget and no staff. I wrote the script, organized things, borrowed the equipment, took the trains and busses and with the support of precious friends I made it happen. Everything you see and hear I did on my own also technically (camera, audio recordings, interviewing, editing, soundmixing).

Here you will see and listen to interviews and live footage of Nick Oliveri, Mondo Generator, Mark Greening, Dead Witches, Gabriele Fiori, Black Rainbows… ~ Ariane Stoltenberg

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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