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Forbidden Place Records to release Runt’s latest album »Cult Of The Forgotten« on limited edition vinyl!

Forbidden Place Records will release a vinyl version of Runt‘s latest album »Cult Of The Forgotten«. Limited edition vinyl and t-shirt pre-orders will go live on April 12th, 2014.

01. Welcome
02. The Runt
03. Swan Dive
04. The Void
05. Once More Around The Sun
06. Intermission-Dirty Bastard
07. Gore
08. Erode
09. Enemy
10. Butcher
11. Chasing The Guillotine

Forbidden Place Records comments: “We are excited to announce the arrival of Runt, a mysterious industrial noiserock supergroup based in Los Angeles. The faceless band is a collective of known musicians and artists who came together to create the music and art they wanted, free from any connection to their current careers. Their full album is out now digital/cassette. Vinyl preorder coming 4-12-24.”

FFO: Boris, NIN, Antania

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Wwlcome – god is dead no one can protect you now. Why not join a group of like minded people. People that understand. A group of people that have been pushed down. A Group of people that no one wants. Though you might feel lost, all is not lost. There is a solution. Today is your day to belong. Welcome to the cult of the forgotten, the pushed aside, and the unwanted. Together we will live off of the blood of our enemies. Today is your day to start a new, abandon all of your former life. Embrace your fellow runts. Join us today and free yourself from the a world that would rather have you out of the way. Unlock your full potential. Become the thing they hate, become the thorn in their side. Today is your day. Start New. Embrace Runt

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