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Fossilization to release their debut EP, »He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten«, on CD via Everlasting Spew Records

Brazilian hypnotic death/doom metal duo Fossilization announce the CD release of their debut EP, »He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten«, out on April 2nd, 2021 via Everlasting Spew Records.

»He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten« dropped digitally on March 8 and is already available on tape via Transylvanian Recordings.

01. Neanderthal Tombs
02. Blight Cathedral
03. Caronte
04. He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten
05. A Deplorable Epoch

Produced by V.
Recorded at Eartomb Studios & Back in Town Studios.
Additional recordings by Marcos Cerutti at Hell’s Pass Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Otso Ukkonen.
Cover artwork by Arketype.

From the primordial magma before the beginning of time come Fossilization. Obscure, vile and crushing death metal.

Fossilization is a death/doom metal band formed in 2020. The duo featuring members of the sludge/death/doom metal band Jupiterian, V. (voices, guitars, bass) and P. (drums) started as an idea right after their european tour with Krypts, Father Befouled and Encoffination but since Jupiterian was still working on their last album, the project had to be delayed and it only turned to full time band after the striking of the plague.

Their 5 tracks debut EP, »He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten« was recorded in their hometown, São Paulo, Brazil and mixed by Otso Ukkonen (Krypts).

Fossilization is:
V. – Vocals, guitars, bass, synths and percussions
P. – Drums

For fans of Dead Congregation, Krypts, Phrenelith, Engulfed, Altarage

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