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German atmospheric death/doom metal sextet Utter Silence share a lyric video for their latest single »From The Depths Below«

German atmospheric death/doom metal sextet Utter Silence share a lyric video for their latest single »From The Depths Below«, available now on all streaming platforms.

“The song is dealing with the malevolent aspects of our being, unspoken secrets of a long forgotten, dark past, the evil that men are capeable of and the sins we try to burry.Things may get lost in the course of time, vicious thoughts dwell in the dephts of our soul…but there are voices whispering deep inside, calling your name…feasting on your sanity!

With the latest single »From The Depths Below« we have taken a totally different approach than when recording »The Terror«. All music was recorded in a “live” oriented setup , using no klick, not playing separate parts, no editing more than necessary. We wanted a sound close to 90s productions, rough and authentic!” says the band.

Atmospheric death/doom metal from Wuppertal, Germany! Shattered emotions reaching from deepest depression, anger and frustation to moments of high hopes and personal deliverance build up the foundation for both music and lyrics. Out of this very special mood Utter Silence creates powerful songs including flowing melodies of unique beauty and deeply sensed lyrics.

Dwelling somewhere in between the aggression of melodic death metal and the heavieness of modern doom metal, Utter Silence is highly recommend if you love the masters of dark depression and slowly devastating agression such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Saturnus or Doom VS but also enjoy the enchanting melodies and powerful, catchy rhythms of Amorphis, Edge Of Sanity or Belakor.

Morbid melodies, gloomy atmosphere and contrasting bright moments that only give the darkness more power:

The project Utter Silence was launched in early 2016 with the aim of composing atmospheric, melodic death metal with doom – elements, expressing melancholy and dynamics in equal measure.

The atmospheric death-doom was from then on the common battlefield for elements of various metal styles. The result is a multifaceted melange, as multifaceted as life itself. Anger, longing, hope and despair are the feelings that prevail in Utter Silence. In keeping with this credo, the lyrics plumb the depths of humanity, bringing out the dark sides behind the beautiful facades and dripping with wicked cynicism. Together, music and lyrics generate a pitch-black mood – uncompromising and unyielding.

After Utter Silence was founded in 2016 as a two-man-project by Ron Szameitpreuss and Hagen Thiele, a 6-piece band has emerged after several line-up changes, which jointly reworks and reinterprets the previously written material. In the constellation as a band, work on the first two, reworked songs could be completed in February 2022, with the aim of releasing them as an EP.

Music written by Utter Silence, all lyrics by Hagen Thiele.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörn Michutta.
Cover artwork by Rotted Artist.

Utter Silence is:
Chris Sklivanitis – Vocals
Florian Oesterling – Guitars
Jens Kirsch – Guitars
Ron Szameitpreuss – Guitars
F.T. – Bass
Marcus Losen – Drums

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