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German blackened death/doom metal trio Greh premiere their brand new single »Illusional Cenotaph«!

German blackened death/doom metal trio Greh premiere new single and video »Illusional Cenotaph«, which was just released today, April 1st, 2024 via Earache Digital Distribution. This is the second single taken from the band’s upcoming debut album »Dysphoric Devotion«.

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The second single »Illusional Cenotaph« by heavy traveling trio GREH is taken from the album »Dysphoric Devotion«, which will be released in winter 2024. This track is wrapped in melancholic and very intense dark soundscapes that offers an ingenious mixture of atmospheric black and death metal with doom elements, that is drilling deep into the wound of the bloody senselessness of war. Holding the mirror to soldiers, It processes all the pathetic thoughts and feelings of a soldier who has to go to war and knows that they will die on the battlefield. The soldiers can imagine that all their anonymous gravestones will only serve to be turned into anonymous corpses. Years later, when the war is over, only a stone cenotaph will remind them of their terrible decision and of all the victims who died for a pointless cause!

Music, lyrics, composition and album artwork by GREH.
Recorded and produced by GREH Recordings, November 2023.
Mixed & mastered by Hard Drive Sounds, Stuttgart – Germany.

GREH plays a gritty and minimalistic sound played by just one guitar, drums and vocals that manages to create its own character; that combines suffering and heaviness with groove and dissonance.

GREH is a new band of Gjero Krsteski (guitar / ex-Hellgreaser), Maurice Monne (drums / Hard Strike, Milan) and Martin Kocula (vocals / Grau) from Germany. After Gjero`s departure from Hellgreaser he founded GREH. First in 2022 as a one-man project, and since 2023 as a full-fledged band. On March 31, 2023, the debut EP digital “Reversion Of The Repressed” was released with five songs, which stylistically represent a mixture of black and death metal with doom elements.

The band have since 2023 supported bands such Ophis, Hexis, Iron Walrus, Magefa and headlined shows together with Arsen, Dornen, Tristis, Tourin Horse, and is gathering a legion of fans in the process.

GREH are currently working on their debut album which is due for release in 2024.

FFO: Hexis, Heriot, Guyod, Ahab, Nails, Mantar, Ophis, Abest, Thou, Konvent, Conan, YOB, High On Fire, Predatory Void.

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