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German doom rock band Ariez sign with DHU Records to re-release their debut EP »Ritual Doom« on vinyl

German doom rock band Ariez sign with DHU Records to re-release their debut EP »Ritual Doom« on limited edition vinyl.

From DHU Records:

DHU Records is excited to announce the signing of German doom rockers Ariez!!

“Ariez was formed in early 2014 in Germany, when Michael Ariez Vent du Nord had the idea to start a band with the roots of classic heavy rock bands from the late 60s & early 70s, and add black metal influences to create a unique sound.

It didn’t take too long for drummer Luis and vocalist Sue to join as they both brought the same musical background to form the Ariez sound.

After a year of rehearsing Ariez played a few gigs, with duties on bass changing regularly and, because of the pandemic, silence set in… The three band members kept on writing and Luis & Michael recorded and produced all material in the band’s rehearsal room and on November 3rd 2020 digitally released their first 4 song EP entitled »Ritual Doom«.

With plenty of hooks & licks & a darkened atmosphere »Ritual Doom« will captivate and leave you wanting more with each listen!

Ariez’s lyrics deal with the inescapeable topic of life and death; mystic, spiritual and occult in nature.

Ariez is a heavy occult rock band.

Come one, come all, and embrace the »Ritual Doom«!”

DHU Records will release »Ritual Doom« on Limited Edition vinyl approximately August 2021.
DHU Exclusive, Band Edition & Test Press will be available.

Side A:
A1. Never Dying Sun
A2. Stardust In The Light Of The Wind

Side B:
B1. Bee Eater
B2. Queen Of The Forest

All songs are written, recorded and mixed by Ariez.
Artwork by Ariez.
Vinyl mastering by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Company.

(NOTE: the vinyl release has a different track order than on Bandcamp)

Ariez is:
Sue Leafheart – Vocals
Luis – Drums and Bass
Ariez Vent du Nord – Guitar and Bass

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