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German krautrock/post-punk collective Lasse Reinströem premiere new music video for the track »Folgen & Liken«

German krautrock/post-punk collective Lasse Reinströem premiere new music video for the track »Folgen & Liken« taken from their latest album, »Reinstr​ö​em«, out on April 28th, 2023 via Electric Talon Records.

Courtesy of Electric Talon Records:

The psychedelic krautrock band Lasse Reinströem released their 6th release, »Reinstr​ö​em« EP in 2023. Since establishing in 2009 they have developed their sound through numerous tours/live shows, releasing their last album »Rasputiza« in 2020. They are part of independent rock samplers like »Elbträume (A Dresden Rock Sampler)«, »Wildblumenbues 2«, »Ox-Sampler Nr. 161« or »Aldora Britain Recors Independet Music Sampler 144«.

Bandcamp included LRS-Sound in their 2018 list of top ten German hard rock bands describing them as: “Ranging from the southern fried classic rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the shrieking art-punk of Nina Hagen to Motörhead’s busted muffler rock ‘n’ roll. Add in a hefty dose of sludgy alt-rock, and you have yourself a recipe for a good time – and some pretty potent rocket fuel.”

Having performed more than 300 live shows across Europe with bands such as Stoned Jesus, Spaceslug, Dÿse, Samavayo, Monster Truck, Big John Bates and Gorilla Monsoon, Lasse Reinstroem have developed a knack for consistently wiping the audience into a frenzy which Urbanite described as: “Their performances are anything but boring… dancing, moshing, singing and screaming….it will stop anyone in their path.”

While still drawing on their signature sound, »Reinstr​ö​em« finds the band capturing the full spirit of their renowned live show in studio for the first time. »Reinstr​ö​em« was recorded and produced together with their former guitarist and music producer Scott McLean, funded by Kulturstiftung Sachsen – »Reinstr​ö​em« will be sure to become a unique krautrock/post-punk gem.

Lasse Reinströem is a pure DIY band and cooperates with local friends and networks, such like Elbsludgebooking, Oh My Music Publisher Anika Jankowski, Head Perfume Records Rene Seim; Electric Talon Records (USA) and many more…

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