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German sludge/noise rock trio Treedeon debuts a music video for the title track to their new album »New World Hoarder«; album nears March release via Exile On Mainstream!

Berlin, Germany based sludge/noise rock trio Treedeon has released a music video for the first single and title track of their upcoming album »New World Hoarder«, due out on March 17th, 2023 via Exile On Mainstream Records.

01. Nutcrème Superspreader
02. Omega Time Bomb
03. New World Hoarder
04. Viking Meditation Song
05. RhV1
06. Läderlappen

Courtesy of Earsplit PR:

Berlin, Germany-based sludge/noise trio Treedeon today releases »New World Hoarder«, the lead single and title track to the band’s third album, nearing release this March through their allies at Exile On Mainstream.

»New World Hoarder« delivers six new tracks pushing the boundaries of heaviness and urgency. While its predecessor Under The Manchineel was a bristly beast of dark and thunderous swill pounding monstrous riffs and bleak lyrics mostly into the area underneath your chest, the new effort cuts higher, right at the heart and brain, although no less heavy. The five past years left an impression on all of us, and artistic reflection certainly can’t deny that. Treedeon has been following their path rigorously, putting on remarkable shows, but now comes out as a much more political and sonically more demanding act. The urgency is still there but gets charged with challenging melodies and a much more of a boundary-free approach.

»New World Hoarder« was recorded and engineered in August 2021 at Treedeon’s rehearsal space by Lutz Baumann, mixed by Baumann and the band, and mastered by Stefan Brüggemann. The album is completed with artwork by Arne Heesch, layout by Heesch and Pierre Zoller, and photography by the band, who also filmed and edited the video for the title track.

The lyrics of »New World Hoarder« more than ever play a significant part in Treedeon’s expression, as a part of the title track’s narrative displays: “Let’s just ignore it all, Earth rise to fire / Sky fall. Who needs to breathe anymore? Look at how we live, We’re so hard to forgive, Our hands are filthy and raw. We all wanna believe…”

Watch Treedeon’s new video for »New World Hoarder« on YouTube now at THIS LOCATION and find the song on all streaming services HERE.

Exile On Mainstream will issue »New World Hoarder« on March 17th, through all digital providers and on vinyl with a bundled CD; there will be no separate CD release. Find physical pre-orders at the label webshop HERE.

Watch for additional videos and more from the album to post over the weeks ahead.

After drummer Andy Schünemann joined the band alongside bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth and guitarist/vocalist Arne Heesch right before the release of the prior album, Treedeon found themselves feeling utterly comfortable and on common ground, allowing influences from all three members to take shape and shine. The past years did allow for this for them, being a challenging period for every band, but also giving space and serenity for trying things and natural growth. And here we are, right on the brink of a new chapter with »New World Hoarder«, an album five years in the making.

Ducksworth states, “I’ve been incessantly attached to music all my life. It has inadvertently guided me throughout. Good times, but more importantly so, through bad times. The existential uncertainty of life on this planet, with these people, who think they are in charge of this fragile bio-system, imposing their stringent political, commercial, and religious views upon all of us; otherwise free and gentle humans, is painfully mind-blowing. I am eternally grateful to be able to be allowed to create music to get me to… every next day. I know I’m not alone with this. I am a firm believer that we need all types of love and art to become sane compassionate human beings… Something I try to work on daily, with mixed results. I’ll always try being as true to my deepest feelings when writing a song. What’s the use in trying to be something different? Why would I give my sanity over to something that I’m not? Why would I cheat myself? It’s awesome to have had this journey with Arne and Andy, of what we have struggled to create, to have worked with all the incredible people who assisted us to this end result. Thank you, my friends! We’re happy to give you »New World Hoarder«.”

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