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German stoner/alternative/post-rockers Overman to release debut album »It Is All Overman« on September 5th via Sliptrick Records

Kiel, Germany based stoner/alternative/post-rockers Overman are gearing up to release their debut album »It Is All Overman« on September 5th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records.

01. It Is All Overman
02. Desert Ship
03. Searching
04. Flatgun
05. Lies Don’t Lie
06. Cut The Cheese
07. Good Morning Chat

Courtesy of Grand Sounds PR:

Overman come to the conclusion »It Is All Overman«

The debut album »It Is All Overman« by the 3-piece ensemble Overman from Kiel (Germany) invites the listener to join them on their musical and mental journey. Multi-instrumentalist and musical workaholic Jan-Marc Ivers has teamed up with old companions and scene veterans Hauke Drews on bass guitar and Christoph Wollmann on vocals and delivers something truly unique in the 56 minute opus.

As their sound is deeply connected to psychedelic and stoner rock, the songs cross easily the border between rock, punk, jazz and pop. You will find straight songs, psychedelic trips, deeply melancholic pieces or even pure dadaism influenced passages.

If you are looking for a small but intense break from the madness of everyday life, you may enjoy the progressively shaped title track »It Is All Overman« and the more drifting »Desert Ship«. Things get more serious with the melancholic »Lies« which deals with one of the most dominant diseases of our time – depression. But as Overman state it, there is always hope. In all of their lyrics you can see the ambiguity coming through, leaving you ‘not alone’ but in good company with like-minded people. If you love cheese, like the Overmen do and don’t take things too seriously, you might want to give »Cut The Cheese« a try. The 12-minute instruction of how to deal with that magical yellow product is a mind melting jazz track, that combines something best imagined to be presented at an art exhibition with one barely naked person cutting slowly some cheese in front of a minimalistic wall painting. Because why not? The 24-minute song »Morning Chat« is about losing and finding something. It can be based on love, addiction or both as it is a mesmerizing musical roadtrip best served with a glass of red wine or whatever may be your recreational substance of choice.

“Music goes aside the daily noise straight out of the box into the curvy, vibrating hair on an holy, carved and penetrated ear on a resonating head of a human-apes clumsy, fat, yellow body to change, to learn, to hate, to colaborate, to grow, to slow down, to perform, to be gone, to be noticed, to be veriyfied, to be gloryfied, to be ghost notes?”

»It Is All Overman« | Released September 5th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Overman is:
Christoph Wollmann – Vocals
Hauke Drews – Bass
Jan-Marc Ivers – Drums/Guitars/Keyboards

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