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Glory Or Death Records announces »Bow To Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest« tribute compilation and shares the first two singles!

Glory Or Death Records has announced »Bow To Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest« tribute compilation, which will be released on November 6th, 2022 as coloured vinyl and digital. Some of the artists who will pay tribute to Judas Priest are Kyle Shutt of The Sword, Exmortus feat. Jake Nunn, Saturn, Ardi, Hudu Akil feat. Kelley Juett and others.

You can already listen to first two singles, »Electric Eye« by The Sword’s Kyle Shutt and »Metal Meltdown« by Exmortus feat. Jake Nunn of Hell Fire.

Courtesy of Glory Or Death Records:

Bow To Your Masters Volume Three is coming in hot and heavy as 16 bands pay tribute to the metal gods – Judas Priest!

Mega-deal “Early Bird” 2LP vinyl pre-orders are available now for only $26.66 and these will be ready to ship by the end of next month! Secure your copy now and support the project at or grab a digital download at for just $6.66! You will get Kyle’s »Electric Eye« as an immediate download and the rest of the tracks when the full digital album drops next month.

The first of three singles is by Kyle Shutt of The Sword, who single-handedly slaughtered every instrument on his solo version of »Electric Eye«. Over the past few years Kyle has been shredding out a ton of fantastic new music, solo albums, EPs, and badass covers- the man is a non-stop rock n’ roll machine!

The 2nd single is now live! Exmortus feat. Jake Nunn (Hell Fire) with »Metal Meltdown«! Hell Fire’s vocalist Jake Nunn joins Exmortus on »Bow To Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest« for a full-on metal meltdown! Exmortus’ own Conan has joined Glory or Deathers The Fae on a recent tour up and down the west coast. Tomorrow they end their tour in Los Angeles, well SGV to be exact. If you are anywhere near there we highly suggest getting out to SGV Sound Studio for the record release party for Intranced.

The Swedes are back! This time our boys in Saturn take on »Victim Of Changes«. It literally sounds like a version that came from another planet. Saturn has developed a distinct sound over the years and it is real special to hear a Priest masterpiece as if it was written by these fellas. If you haven’t given a listen to the new release »Continental Collision«, a split double EP consisting of 3 tunes each from Great Electric Quest & Saturn, go listen for free on our bandcamp or grab it on vinyl at

»Staaaaaarbreaker«! If you’re not familiar with Ardi yet, get on that shit! Go give Ardi a follow! He rips every instrument all on his own and sings. Dude is a complete beast. We have some vinyl in the works for his original tunes as well – for fans of Pentagram/Early Scorpions. Stay tuned!

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