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Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Gluttony (Sweden)

Photo by Håkan Sjöström

Gluttony (Death Metal // Sweden)

Gluttony is an old-school death metal band from Sundsvall, Sweden. It was founded in 2009 by Anders Härén, John Henriksson, and Max Normelli of My Own Grave. They recruited Johan Jansson (Interment, Regurgitate, ex-Demonical) on vocals and recorded the »Coffinborn« demo which led to a contract with Vic Records. Jansson was later replaced by Magnus Ödling (Jotun, ex-Diabolical, ex-Setherial).

In 2014 they released the debut album »Beyond The Veil Of Flesh« which was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity). After supporting At The Gates and Necrophobic, the band recorded their second album »Cult Of The Unborn« which was released on Vic Records in 2018.

On March 1st 2023 they released their third studio album »Drogulus« on LP via Gravework Media and on April 30th 2023 on CD via Bestial Invasion Records. »Drogulus« was recorded in Studio Blastbeat and mixed and mastered in Studio LV5 (Sundsvall, Sweden) by Jonas Jönsson. The artwork was made by Karmazid. The lyrical theme of the album is the bizarre and frightful universe of H.P. Lovecraft and there is a Studio Diary on Gluttony’s YouTube depicting the making of the album.

Gluttony’s first album »Beyond The Veil Of Flesh« turns 10 this year, so Dan Swanö who mixed and mastered the original, has made a new LP master now. The band just closed their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to reissue the album on red spatter vinyl in August/September 2024.

Gluttony will also embark on their 2nd European Tour this summer and play with bands like Marduk, Krisiun and Fleshless.

• »Coffinborn« Demo (2012)
• »Eaten Alive« 7″ (Metal Fortress, 2013)
• »Beyond The Veil Of Flesh« (Vic Records, 2014)
• »Gluttony / Sordid Flesh« Split (Vic Records, 2016)
• »Cult Of The Unborn« (Vic Records / Bloodsoaked Records, 2018)
• »Drogulus« (Gravework Media / Bestial Invasion Records, 2023)

Band members:
Magnus Ödling – Vocals (2013-present)
Anders Härén – Guitars (2009-present)
Max Bergman – Bass (2011-present)
John Henriksson – Drums (2010-present)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

For fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates, Demonical

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