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Gothic doom metal project Lord Of Shadows share new single »At The End Of Our Eclipse« feat. Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian) and Emilio Crespo (Sojourner)

Gothic doom metal project Lord Of Shadows share the third single »At The End Of Our Eclipse« taken from the upcoming debut album, »Echoes Of Yore«, set to release on September 1st, 2023 via Meuse Music Records / Tragedy Productions.

»At The End Of Our Eclipse« features female vocals by Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian, Remina, Light Field Reverie, :LOR3L3I:) and male vocals by Emilio Crespo (Sojourner).

01. Her Lips Were Poetry And Doom
02. Faith Of Thy Beloved
03. At The End Of Our Eclipse
04. She Was But An Echo Of Yore
05. Through Memories, I Gave Her Life
06. If The Tears Are Forgotten
07. Your Blood Weighs Heavy

Shadows comments: “Taken from our upcoming album »Echoes Of Yore«, the single »At The End Of Our Eclipse« tells the story of a lost soul, seemingly trapped for eternity within the laminal, seeking for his way back to his beloved.

Concept & lyrics by Shadows, with very special guests: musician/songwriter Mike Lamb alongside vocalists Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian/Remina/Light Field Reverie) & Emilio Crespo (Sojourner).

On the 1st of September, our new full length album will be fully released via our label Meuse Music Records.”

Courtesy of Imperative PR:

Bowed beneath the weight of sorrows I walk into the sunset, with the ghosts of love and loss waltzing sadly by my side; ephemeral visions of memory that whisper endlessly of their heartbreak. The sun sinks lower, its crimson light bleeding into the distant hills, like the blood of those forsaken and betrayed. In unknowing innocence I clothed their delicate frames in the soft flesh of my lost love and christened them with her sacred name. And when they pushed their way through the mirage, with eyes full of devotion, I turned away and looked to the horizon and the wounded, dying daystar once more. So I walk on with my troupe of accusing spirits, searching for an echo of a voice, silenced so many years before.

The visionary behind the band name, Lord Of Shadows, is lyricist Shadows and he has gathered about him a coterie of magnificent musical talent to bring his dreams to life. Multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer Mike Lamb (Sojourner etc), along with vocalists Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride), Heike Langhans (Remina, ex-Draconian) and Emilio Crespo (Sojourner) have stepped into Shadows’ world and become part of Lord Of Shadows, together creating »Echoes Of Yore« – a debut full-length album that is a passionate poem, a pledge of devotion, a tribute to the spirit of gothic doom. Each track is a rich and sumptuous banquet of sorrow, swathed in a velvet darkness and infused with grandiose drama. From the soaring, heart-wrenching guitar melodies of »At The End Of Our Eclipse« to the powerful, interwoven vocal performances of »Faith Of Thy Beloved«, »Echoes Of Yore« is an enfolding vision of passion, desolation, blood and tragedy. The three vocalists are in the form of their lives, delivering every word of Shadows’ elegiac lyrics with exhilarating emotion.

Speaking of his lyrics, Shadows explains… “Each song is inspired by my own life and is connected to the next one, to form one sorrowful story of love and the acceptance of one’s fate.”

A heady wine of ardour and agony, overwhelming and glorious, »Echoes Of Yore« is a genre defining album that will have devotees of momentous doom entwined with gothic spectacle, falling into its melancholic embrace.

Following on from the collective’s first EP, »Extremum Vitae Spiritum Edere«, »Echoes Of Yore« sees the Lord Of Shadows vision being fully realised in the most vibrant and enthralling manner. Recorded at Mike Lamb and Heike Langhans’ Ghost Bird Studios in Düren, Germany, bar the drums which were laid down with Jakob Olsen in Umeå, Sweden, »Echoes Of Yore« sounds every bit as magnificent as its tragic tales demand. When it is unveiled on September 1st by Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions, complete with its evocative Heike Langhans artwork, do not hesitate to grasp its outstretched hand.

Pre-order »Echoes Of Yore« here:

Shadows – Lyrics and Concept
Mike Lamb – All Music
Aaron Stainthorpe – Vocals (all tracks except 3)
Heike Langhans – Vocals (tracks 2 – 6)
Emilio Crespo – Vocals (track 3)

For fans of My Dying Bride, Draconian, Dominia, Ocean Of Grief

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