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Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Gravestone (Sweden)

Gravestone (Death Metal // Punk, Sweden)

Death metal punks hailing from Växjö, Sweden feat. current and former members of Entrails, Kongh, Facerip, Void and Saga Incendia!

After a 5-year hiatus Sweden’s purveyors of punky death metal named Gravestone have risen from their hollow graves to bring their new album »Hollow Be Thy Grave« to the hungry Swedeath masses. »Hollow Be Thy Grave« was released on October 13, 2023 via Raw Skull Recordz.

The HM2 has been set to max making the buzzsaw sound ripping and crunchy. These guys live and breed old school death metal and it’s an all out assault once more!

Walking in the footsteps of forefathers like Entombed, Carnage and Dismember you know exactly what to expect here; not trying to reinvent things just delivering crushing old school Swedish death metal!!

• »Rotten Kill« EP (Raw Skull Recordz, 2017)
• »Sickening« (Raw Skull Recordz, 2018)
• »Hollow Be Thy Grave« (Raw Skull Recordz, 2023)

Band members:
Penki Sandkvist – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Vocals
Max Lind – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tomas Salonen – Drums

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For fans of Dismember, Entombed, Entrails, Death Breath, Demonical, Revel In Flesh, Grave, Unleashed, Gatecreeper

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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