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Grazil Records presents a label sampler »Grazil Records & Friends Volume 1«, out now on CD and digital

Grazil Records presents 20 bands from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, united on a sampler named »Grazil Records & Friends Volume 1«. There are bands represented who have placed their trust in Grazil Records from the start and dared their very first releases here. And there are friendly bands who have supported the history of Grazil, Grazil FM and Grazil Records from the beginning.

Anyone who likes hard, atmospheric music is in good hands with this sampler. There are no limits to the genres of music. Blackgaze, classic and atmospheric Black Metal, hearty Hardcore Punk, Sludge, Stoner Metal, Experimental Noise, Industrial and Doom – that provides variety and violent eruptions of emotions. Have a good trip to the grazil Records adventure with 20 tracks from 20 outstanding bands!

01. Black Yen – Strangers Land
02. Mandaground – Dense Walls
03. Dark Nativity – Vertigo
04. Saturnists – Pandora
05. Gravpel – Revolution
06. Another Home – Singularity
07. Nekrodeus – There Is No Excuse
08. Tortured Souls – Alastor
09. Pest Hole – Slowly We Die
10. Mossadeq – Wake Up In A Coma
11. Caloris Impact – 30000 In 20 Years
12. Plaguepreacher – Leave Life
13. Heckspoiler – Ned Wie Du
14. Mother Morgana – Call Me Echo
15. The Snub – War
16. Deumus – Nemesis
17. Harrowist – I Dreamed Of Eroding Mountain Ranges
18. 8082 – Watch Me Grind
19. Thosar – Contra
20. Violență Domestică – Inevitable Course (MMXX)

This release is supported by Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Explosiv, Doomed Nation, LAESSIG Booking, Vertical Guitars, AL-Audio, Teratogen, The Electric Stoner, Grumpy Scampi, Radio Helsinki and Voi&Wiesn Studio.

»Grazil Records & Friends Volume 1« is available now on CD and digital. Order your copy HERE!

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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