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Haunted folk project The Radiant Light share new music video for »How To Leave This World In Peace«; debut album out now via Ván Records!

Haunted folk project The Radiant Light by Wolvennest’s Corvus von Burtle share new music video for the title track of its debut album »How To Leave This World In Peace«, released on February 3rd, 2023 via Ván Records.

01. Uncreation
02. The Portal
03. Cult Of Indifference
04. Eosphoros
05. Above And Below
06. The Smell Of Despair
07. The Unholy Gospel
08. Somewhere In The Haze
09. How To Leave This World In Peace
10. Silence’s Dance

Mastermind C.V.B. comments: “Regards to the lost souls who already gave »How To Leave This World In Peace« a listen. I’m personally very happy about the beautiful LP and digipack made by Ván Records. This label is well known for the quality and the details of its releases, and The Radiant Light luckily made no exception. While I’ m working on the next chapter, I can already say that some videos will soon be shared to celebrate the first album and the birth of this weird entity. Love and wisdom to all.”

Courtesy of Ván Records:

The Radiant Light is a new haunted folk entity created by C.V.B., who has been active for more than a decade in the occult metal scene (Wolvennest, Cult Of Erinyes, Aerdyk, LVTHN, Monads etc.).

The Radiant Light’s first manifestation, »How To Leave This World In Peace« is a concept album based on wisdom as the key element on how to apprehend life, death and the last moments before the unknown.

While the music was mainly written and recorded with an acoustic guitar; mellotrons, hammonds, bass and bluesy/trippy lead guitars are there to add melancholy and nuances to the equation.

Corvus’ vocals are his subconsciousness speaking to the listener, with some digressions towards harmonies and a creepy ambient approach.

The Radiant Light sounds like a solo project, but it’s not per se. On this first album, you can hear Shazzula’s (Wolvennest) voice on the title track, Déhà (who produced the album) and his bass on »Cult Of Indifference« and Bones (Dread Sovereign) sharing the lead guitar emanations with Corvus on several songs.

»How To Leave This World In Peace« is available as limited CD and vinyl edition. Get your copy here:

Music and vocals recorded by C.V.B. at Forbidden Frequencies Studio. Mixed and mastered by Déhà at Opus Magnum Studios.

Artwork by Belial Necro Arts.
Logo by Kontamination Design.
Artist picture by Void Revelations.

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