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Heavy psych-doom power couple Grin streams brand new album »Phantom Knocks« in its entirety! Out today via The Lasting Dose Records!

Berlin, Germany based heavy psych-doom power couple Grin is streaming their brand new full-length album »Phantom Knocks« in its entirety!

»Phantom Knocks« will be released this Friday, October 14th, 2022 via The Lasting Dose Records.

01. Transcendence
02. Shiver
03. Aporia
04. Arcane
05. Apex
06. Rivulets
07. Servants
08. Spectral

Album artwork by Manuel Lambertz.

Courtesy of All Noir PR:

Nothing has changed yet everything is different when it comes to »Phantom Knocks«, the third studio album by Berlin-based heavy psych doom duo Grin, consisting of unshakeable power couple Jan and Sabine Oberg (Earth Ship, Slowshine). This Friday, on October 14th, the band is celebrating the release of their new collection of eight shamanic yet heavy-as-hell desert rituals that emanate from the mysterious space between the supernatural and the extraterrestrial. To shorten your wait for its official release, now, Grin are streaming »Phantom Knocks« in its entirety!

The manic tribal beat of album opener »Transcendence«, comes rolling in like a psychic thunderstorm, extrapolating the collision of millions of tiny aqueous ions to the mighty thunder of Sabine Oberg’s bass, which continues to send seismic shockwaves throughout the rest of the album to leave you shaking on your feet. Meanwhile Jan Oberg’s clean voice and spectral grunts create a haze through which high pitched droning guitars fade in and out, like tones of supernatural frequencies cutting through the haze of reality. »Phantom Knocks« takes you on a rocking ride across shifting extraterrestrial desertscapes, while your spirit flies high above in a mystic transportation through the astral plane.

Grin have teamed up with Invisible Oranges, for an exclusive pre-album listening premiere. Stream »Phantom Knocks« HERE!

The groundwork of Grin’s trademark heavy drum and bass sound was already laid as early as their 2018 debut album Revenant, which is no surprise, since Jan and Sabine have been actively making heavy riff-laden tunes for over ten years. Translucent Blades in 2020 further solidified Grin’s brand of sludgy psychedelic doom metal with the addition of high pitched guitar drones and eerie soundscapes. Again recorded in Jan Oberg’s own Hidden Planet Studio, »Phantom Knocks« has the same earth-shattering qualities as its predecessors, but is in every way more vivid and more powerful, aptly demonstrating how the Berliners have perfected their chemistry.

»Phantom Knocks« will be available as CD, Tape Cassette and Digital formats on October 14, 2022, with a Vinyl release to follow soon. The album will be issued by the band’s own label imprint The Lasting Dose Records, you can purchase your copy at THIS LOCATION!

Grin is:
Sabine Oberg – Bass Guitar
Jan Oberg – Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Soundscapes

Additional Musician: René Noçon – Hammond Organ on »Arcane«

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