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Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Deathwish (USA)

Deathwish (Hardcore / Punk / Thrash Metal, USA)

“Motor-charged punk from Wisconsin.”

Deathwish has emerged from the stark, unforgiving landscapes of northern Wisconsin as a beacon of thrashy hardcore punk, wielding a sound reminiscent of an even more ferocious Motörhead. Since their formation in 2014, the band has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of sonic energy, culminating in their latest and most ambitious project to date, »The Fourth Horseman«.

Scheduled for release on June 7th, 2024 and available on Beer City Records, »The Fourth Horseman« stands as Deathwish’s declaration of sonic warfare, blending elements of metal, hardcore, and rock n’ roll punk into a formidable assault on the senses. This album not only showcases the band’s evolution but also delves into deeply personal territory, with the title track reflecting on themes of death, rebirth, and the indomitable human spirit against the odds.

The album was recorded and mixed by Marc Birr at Carp Town Studios, with Nick Weyers assisting in the mixing process and Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording handling the lead guitar tracks. Mastered by Joel Grind and featuring cover art by Merikis, »The Fourth Horseman« represents a collaborative effort that bridges raw emotion with technical prowess. Deathwish’s lineup for this monumental release includes Bitty on bass and vocals, Guinea Pig Champion on guitar and vocals, K. Lexau Alter on lead guitar, and S.W. Macleod on drums, each contributing to the album’s visceral impact.

The first single »In Cold Blood« stands as a testament to Deathwish’s signature blend of ferocity and sonic intensity. This song captures the essence of crossover punk with its thrashing guitars, dynamic rhythms, and raw vocal delivery, setting the stage for what promises to be a monumental entry in the band’s discography.

Bassist Bitty comments on »Aftermath Of A Severed World«, “Well, they put a cord around my neck and a gun to my friend’s head. I saw the color red and drove 70 miles per hour into a parked truck. I thought barely surviving a attempted homicide might make for a good song!”

“Way back in the day I smoked some pot and it was laced with angel dust. One of the things I saw while on the drug was the sky raining fire. I never smoked pot again but I thought it made for a good song.” Bitty adds about »Rain Fire«.

Deathwish has earned accolades for their unyielding dedication to the hardcore punk genre, with Decibel noting, “Deathwish channel all the right bands in all the right ways and serve up a thrashy hardcore classic that’s 100% about sonic energy… Give me a couple overdriven guitars, an incessant hardcore beat and a vocalist with a paint-peeling roar and it’s all good…”

»The Fourth Horseman« is more than an album; it’s a statement from Deathwish, proving their continued dominance and innovation within the music world.

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Courtesy of C Squared Music

• »Six Bullet Roulette« 7″ (Profane Existence, 2014)
• »Out For Blood« (Beer City Records, 2015)
• »In The Shadow Of False Gods« 7″ (Beer City Records, 2016)
• »Unleash Hell« (Beer City Records, 2017)
• »Rock ‘N’ Roll’s One Hell Of A Drug« (Beer City Records, 2018)
• »The Fourth Horseman« (Beer City Records, 2024)

Band members:
Bitty – Bass and Vocals
Guinea Pig Champion – Guitar & Vocals
K. Lexau Alter – Lead Guitar
S.W. Macleod – Drums

FFO: Motörhead, D.R.I., Iron Reagan, Ludichrist, Rich Kids On LSD, Impulse Manslaughter, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust

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