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Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Zombeast (USA)

Photos by Andy Hartmark

Zombeast (Horror Punk / Metal, USA)

Zombeast are back with their heaviest, darkest, and most frenzied material to date – their new album »Heart Of Darkness«!

Influenced by Danzig, AFI, Mercyful Fate, and 80’s punk, death rock, and thrash metal, Zombeast has crafted a perfect crossover blend of dark punk and thrash. The lyrics on the new Zombeast offering, written by singer Mario Montechello, explore everything from the true horrors of life to the occult and lycanthropy.

With the addition of Alex Young (lead guitar) and Kyle Smith (drums), this album also breaks new technical ground that’s never been seen before by the band. Thunderous drums and dueling guitars meet iconic vocals on this long-awaited new album – don’t miss it!

About the first single »Red Ripper« guitarist/bassist Jared Smith says: “Mario’s lyrics focus on the murderous tirade of Andrei Chikatilo (The Red Ripper) that terrorized Soviet wilderness for over a decade. The music for the song had a darker mood right from the start. It naturally flowed out of me and it made sense for Mario to approach the song lyrically from the darkest perspectives that he could. The way the palm muted verse and driving beat increase the tension until the song erupts into it’s thunderous chorus, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album.”

Following the previously-released »Red Ripper«, Zombeast presented a music video for track »The Cycle«. “This song lyrically focuses on lycanthropy and the frenzy that consumes. This is some of Mario Montechello’s most aggressive singing on the record. It’s the fastest song we’ve ever written and the double bass action of Kyle Smith during the pre-chorus just creates a massive wall of sound reminiscent of Metallica’s »Dyers Eve«,” adds Smith. “The dueling guitar breakdown was also written the night before the studio and I think we nailed it considering it was written in the 11th hour. The music on my end was heavily inspired by AFI’s »Black Sails In The Sunset«.”

In support of record release, Zombeast released a music video for »Heart Of Darkness«. “The title track of the album touches on possession of mind and soul,” Smith comments. “Another song that naturally flowed out of us as we wrote it. We wanted a dark, doomy, dismal breakdown on this album and I think we pulled it off. Alex Young really shines with his lead playing on this track. Easily one of the heaviest tracks on the album.”

Slated for a release on May 17, 2024 via Massacre Records – licensed from Fiend Force Records – »Heart Of Darkness« is now available as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats. Order your copy, a must-have for every horror punk and metalhead right HERE!

Courtesy of All Noir PR

• »Zombeast« (Horror High, 2006)
• »Heart Of Darkness« (Fiend Force Records / Massacre Records, 2024)

Band members:
Mario Montechello – Vocals
Jared Smith – Guitar, Bass
Alex Young – Guitar
Steve Salcido – Bass
Kyle Smith – Drums

For fans of Danzig, The Misfits, Samhain, The Lurking Corpses, Diemonsterdie, Blitzkid, The Other, Calabrese, Devils Whorehouse

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