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Horisont release a music video for Larry Jon Wilson cover »Sheldon Churchyard«

Photo by Anders Bergstedt

Swedish rockers Horisont release a music video for Larry Jon Wilson cover »Sheldon Churchyard«, which was recorded during the band’s downtime. »Sheldon Churchyard« is available now on all on all digital streaming platforms. Video by Kim Gravander (Let Them Swing Studios).

The band comments: “As big fans of country music we wanted to do a couple of songs that people might not expect from us. Still, we wanted them to sound like Horisont. So we set up at Let Them Swing Studio and hit the record button just to see where the songs took us. This is the result. Let Them Swing Studio is a recording studio in the countryside outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, owned and run by Kim and Malin. They rebuilt an old barn on their property and set it up for live recording. With no neighbors in sight, it’s an ideal place to make noise 24-7. A weekend mixed of relaxed creativity and fun.”

Stay tuned for another obscure cover, which will be out soon. Both songs are not part of Horisont’s last album »Sudden Death«, out on May 15th, 2020 via Century Media Records.

Century Media Records on »Sudden Death«:

Horisont’s »Sudden Death« supercharges their mountainous ascent in an immediate explosion of rich and intricately created songs, but in it’s conception was an artfully crafted 3-year labour of love. The pay-off for Horisont’s dedicated handiwork is a confidently sumptuous album of monumental, anthemic stadium-sized rock choruses, twin-guitar harmonies, and symphonic piano-laden rock that is as rare as it is catchy and captivating. Having earned their special place in the hearts of the heavy underground, with a dedicated international audience in thrall to the stunning energy of their live shows, Horisont are a fearlessly inventive tour-de-force of heavy rock.

Vocalist Axel declares that “Our mission was to make the record that WE wanted to do, and not what people expect us to do,” and it is with this irreverent and devil-may-care attitude that Horisont let’s their music run wild with abandon, undeniably electrifying and moving the listener the way real rock and roll should, a middle finger to current trends. Finding soulmates in those who bow before the ancient greats such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Cactus and Thin Lizzy, »Sudden Death«’s masterclass of sure-fire hits have us singing along and fist-pumping the air one after the other.

With Axel’s lyrics about solace and rites of passage after the passing of his best friend, the themes on »Sudden Death« take on a deep, poignant and euphoric spirit. From »Sail On«’s getting through the tough times, to the anthemic uplifting support of »Hold On«’s inspiring thrust, we are filled with the nostalgic life-affirming hymn that is the celebration at the heart of Horisont. Their music guarantees one thing above all, once you get high with Horisont you will never want to come down.

Horisont is:
Axel Söderberg – Vocals
Charles Van Loo – Guitar
David Kälin – Guitar
Magnus Delborg – Bass
Pontus Jordan – Drums

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