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Ice Howl releases their third full-length album »Darkness From Beyond« today via Ice Fall Records and Molten Magma Records

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, doom/stoner/heavy metal duo Ice Howl is releasing their third full-length album »Darkness From Beyond« today, July 8, 2022 via Ice Fall Records. Cassette release will be handeled by Molten Magma Records.

01. Ocean Ascending
02. Snowfire
03. War Is Here (feat. Dwayne Eldredge)
04. Battleroar
05. Order Of The Mage
06. Darkness From Beyond
07. Divinity
08. False Hope (feat. Chris Latta)
09. Onward To Valhalla
10. Ocean Descending

Imagine a castle atop a mountain with flame-lit torches overlooking a vast snowy landscape inhabited by warlords and creatures born from the darkest depths of hell. This imagery represents what the heavy power metal duo hopes to invoke in their listeners.

Ice Howl is a two-piece heavy power metal band that is prepping to unleash their third full-length record titled »Darkness From Beyond« on July 8th, 2022.

»Darkness From Beyond«’s theme is rooted in fictional tales of Fantasy and War. These songs will cast the listener into an ocean of blood formed by the clashing of steel and the sound of pounding drums and epic guitar leads. Catchy vocal choruses will captivate your senses and replenish your health flask to aid you in taking on the most difficult of bosses.

Ice Howl was formed in 2015 by Jason Roach under the former name Tundra Vibrations. The band to date has released 2 full-length albums and 4 Eps. Most of the releases have made it onto Bandcamp’s bestseller multiple times since their release. In September of 2021, Sean Davidson joined the band to take on the role of a second guitarist. »Darkness From Beyond« will be his first album with the band.

Music written and performed by Jason Roach and Sean Davidson.
Lyrics written by Jason Roach.
Lyrics and guest vocals on War Is Here by Dwayne Eldredge (Mourn The Light).
Guest vocals on False Hope by Chris Latta (Lavaborne).
Music produced and mastered by Jason Roach at Ice Fall Recordings.
Album artwork by David Paul Seymour.

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