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Indigo Raven celebrates the vinyl release of their debut album »Looking For Transcendence« with a brand new music video for »Our Sacred Soil«

Photos by Alexandre Ollier

To celebrate the vinyl release of their debut album »Looking For Transcendence«, French shamanic doom trio Indigo Raven unveil a brand new music video for »Our Sacred Soil«.

Indigo Raven’s debut album »Looking For Transcendence« was officially released on vinyl this Friday, June 24, 2022 via Argonauta Records.

The band comments: “To celebrate the official release of the album, the video clip our dear friend Alexandre Ollier made for »Our Sacred Soil« is out now!
You can still get the vinyl on Argonauta Records’ website. In the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy watching the clip.
Please share and give us your feedback.
We’re very happy to show this to all of you who supported us along the way. We put a lot of hard love, bones and dust to the making. No animals were harmed though.
Our sincere gratitude goes to Alex (amazing photographer and friend), Sol Morningstar (precious human being, from Solventis, you should definitely give them a listen) and all the Ard family.”

Courtesy of All Noir PR:

Indigo Raven was formed in 2019. Shortly after self-releasing an EP just a year later, the trio signed a deal with Italian powerhouse label Argonauta Records, who released their critically acclaimed, first full-length album, »Looking For Transcendence«, in October 2021. The trio’s sound emerges from the Peaceville Three’s influence with a modern sludge approach. A simple but not unsophisticated instrumental foundation of the band, coloured by a shamanic sound and these occult, haunting vocals, make »Looking For Transcendence« a captivating yet heavy as hell record, which has been lauded by the international music press. Finally, on June 24, 2022, the band’s stellar debut will be available on Vinyl!

“After receiving more than stimulating feedbacks for our first EP and the arrival of our third raven, Jean, we were pushed to go deeper. Doing so, we’re very happy to introduce our first album: »Looking For Transcendence«.” vocalist and visual creative behind the band, Julie, comments.

“We imprinted it with a form of dull & poetic rage, assumed vulnerability and eager for some serious split-screen. The music stays refined but got more powerful and heavy, leaving space for the vocals to emotionally chant strong lyrics. We hope it will inspire you to inner journeys.”

»Looking For Transcendence« is available now everywhere on CD, Vinyl and Digital, get yours now:

Indigo Raven is:
Julie Docteur – Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork & Visuals
Benoît Sangoï – Music & Production
Jean Green – Bass

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