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International progressive sludge/post-metal collective AEIR announce their debut album »A Frith Befouled«

International progressive sludge/post-metal collective AEIR has announced their debut album, »A Frith Befouled«, scheduled for release on August 5th, 2022 via Moment Of Collapse Records.

01. Serfdom
02. A Frith Befouled
03. Curia Regis
04. The Threshing Floor
05. Profaned Moira

Courtesy of All Noir PR:

AEIR is a narrative-driven progressive sludge metal collective based in the UK and the US; featuring current & ex-members of Light Bearer, Momentum, and Basement. The first album »Vol I: A Frith Befouled« consists of five songs, that musicwise partways continue where Light Bearer left off and beyond that is reaching new shores when it comes to the atmosphere and tonal approach. These first recordings display an emotive, melancholic and yet heavy conceptalbum that prefaces an original allegorical tale of feudal misrule, proletarian dissent, Mesopotamian divinations, and the rampant molestation of sentient environs.

The project looks to create atmospherically dense and emotionally devastating compositions akin to the chimeric soundscapes mastered by the likes of Neurosis, Swans, Envy and Light Bearer.

Entitled the Book of Agrarian Preorindance, AEIR’s primary anthology of recordings and contextual readings is but a single story in a vast, uncompromising chronology of darkly prophetic parables known as The Palingenesis Cycles.

Akin to the prevailing geological epoch we, as a miasmic contagion, wilfully ravage and yet are wholly inferior, these stories accentuate the deeply-rooted avarice of humankind.

Asserting ourselves as a dominant species, we have marauded, plundered and decimated our natural world’s resources with absolute unbridled impunity. Such a bountiful ecological quota, stolen and capitalised upon by plutocratic coin keepers, has been both monetised and weaponised against a forsaken labour force. And yet, as these stories unfold – as The Cycle revolves – that what we believe to be reticent and inhibited is a deathless celestial world eater. The omnipotent virtues of AEIR are boundless. Never fall foul of The Frith.

»A Frith Befouled« was recorded 2021 at Holy Mountain Studios, Hackney.
Mixing by Misha Herring and mastering by Matt Colton. Art by Bethany White.

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