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Introducing: Italian instrumental experimental noise rock duo Nitritono

Nitritono is a noise duo from the province of Cuneo, with a violent and minimal impact, born from the meeting between Luca Lavernicocca (drums) and “Sir” Siro Giri (guitar). Two tough guys who decided to compete in the noise ring. All the blows are valid to reach the goal: move quintals of sound and shake the listener’s bones.

Active since 2012, when they record the demo of the same name with a minimum budget, but that gives them the opportunity to make several concerts and open among others to Cani Sciorrì, Rust, Titor, Flying disk, Movion, Ape Unit, The Glad Husband, Lleroy and Stöner Kebab.

In 2017 the first official album, »Panta Rei«, composed of 8 tracks and recorded by Enrico Baraldi (Ornaments), co-produced by Dreamingorilla Records, Vollmer Industries, Edison Box, Insonnia Lunare Records, TADCA Records and Brigante Records. During these two years they collect almost fifty dates, and in 2018 they open for EyeHateGod.

In November 2020, Nitritono released their sophomore album, called »Eremo«. As the band says, “The titles of the tracks reflect our common passion, that is, to be alone in places quite isolated, immersed in the most unspoiled nature. These places have always taught us a lot, especially the concept of fatigue and not to give up despite the enormous difficulties. In addition, despite this loneliness, in reality we have always realized that we are not so alone. The real suns are very different. To symbolize this sense of belonging and friendship, we asked for a small collaboration with Petrolio, a friend in the music that we know since its early beginnings and that gave us his drones for the last piece.”

01. Re di Pietra
02. Samos
03. Passo di Terre Nere
04. Hospitales
05. Bric Costa Rossa
06. Costa Da Morte (feat. Petrolio)

The album was recorded in October 2019 in Cuneo by Elia at Vattelapesca Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Lucynine (Sergio Bertani).
Cover photo by Cristina Saimandi.

A co-production by I Dischi del Minollo, Shove Records, Vollmer Industries, Brigante Records and Longrail Records.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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