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Irish post-metal outfit Third Island released their new four-track EP »Burning«, available now on CD and digital

Limerick, Ireland based post-metal outfit Third Island is back with their new four-track EP, entitled »Burning«, which was released independently on October 6th, 2023.

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01. Burning
02. Like Gold
03. Low Light
04. Bury The Sun

Third Island are a post-metal band formed in 2015 and based in Limerick, Ireland. Aiming to create a unique sound, the band draws from a wide array of influences including doom, post-rock, noise rock, shoegaze, sludge, prog and stoner rock to experiment within their metal framework. Huge guitar and bass tones against a backdrop of pummeling rhythms create a dark atmosphere, contrasted against itself through varied structures.

Almost four years since their previous studio album, Third Island are back with their new EP, »Burning«. In contrast to previous releases, »Burning« is more stripped back, focused, and shifts from the earlier style of the band into a starker post-metal framework. Touching more on noise rock and alt rock than the shoegaze and doom-tinged past works, »Burning« sets the attack high and approaches these new ideas viciously, while still keeping the band’s particular organic sludge and spaced textures.

Paced, brief, and to the point, the music serves to accent the themes of self destruction, helplessness, paranoia, confusion, and isolation put forward through the vocals. A step sideways off their own beaten path, Third Island are excited to finally share this new material with listeners.

Prior to this year, the band was reworked as a three piece unit, with earlier songs given a similar treatment to the newer works, as displayed on the 2021 release »Live II«. Third Island have released a number of albums and EPs over their existence; 2016’s »Dusk« EP and 2018’s »Omelas« being well received both live and online. 2019’s »Unspeakable« pushed further on the sounds laid out previously, moving more organically with the inclusion of a drummer and more live‐focused sounds, after numerous gigs touring previous releases.

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All music written and arranged by Third Island.
Recorded and mixed by Third Island.
Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering.
Artwork and layout by John Quill.

Third Island are:
John Quill – Guitar, Vocals
Séamus Quaid – Bass
Scott Kemp – Drums

“Dark, moody, and filled with atmosphere, it certainly isn’t your conventional post‐metal… Rhythm and morose melody built around an undeniable heaviness that is fresh and exciting.” —

“Third Island blend doom, drone, and sludge sounds to create a beautifully bleak soundtrack for the perpetually sleepless.” —

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