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Italian doom/dark metal one-man band Il Capro stream his debut full-length album »Zothiriana«, out now via Wine And Fog Productions

Italian doom/dark metal one-man band Il Capro stream his debut full-length album, »Zothiriana«, which was just released on February 22nd, 2022 via Wine And Fog Productions.

01. Intro
02. In Goat We Trust (Satanic We Stand)
03. Lucifer’s Smile
04. All The Colors Of The Dark
05. Taurinia
06. The Golden Deamon
07. All I Hate
08. Grace And Damnation
09. Zothiriana
10. Sinthesis And Devotion
11. Hands Of Destiny

Il Capro was founded in spring 2020 as a one-man project by Emiliano El Chivo, singer and guitarist of the cult black death metal band Tipheret (active from 1995 to 2010). The sound is a mix of old school heavy metal, doom, dark wave and occult black metal, inpired by legendary bands like Death SS, Mortuary Drape, Mercyful Fate, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and many more.

Wine And Fog Productions released »Zothiriana« as limited edition CD of 100 copies in A5 format with 10 postcards linked to the symbolism of Il Capro, sticker and additional booklet with the lyrics also in Italian.

The label comments: “We are faced with a pearl of doom metal where the gothic atmosphere of Type O Negative (yes, we can afford to make this comparison) intertwine with heavy and rocky guitars that recall the best of Candlemass and Saint Vitus combined with the horror parts of our dear Death SS.”

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