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Italian/Estonian death doom metal act Ferum premiere the new single »The Undead Truth« featuring Cianide’s Mike Perun on guest vocals

Italian/Estonian death doom metal act Ferum premiere the new single »The Undead Truth« featuring Cianide‘s Mike Perun on guest vocals.

»The Undead Truth« is the second single taken from the band’s upcoming debut album, »Asunder / Erode«, set to release on August 19th, 2022 via Avantgarde Music / Unorthodox Emanations.

01. Halfhead
02. The Undead Truth
03. Desolate Vantaa
04. Sear Belong
05. Monolithic Acquiescence
06. Entrails Of Linnahall
07. Resurgence in Bereavement
08. Outro: Spesso il male di vivere ho incontrato

Vocalist and guitarist Samantha Alessi comments: “Cianide is one of the reasons why Ferum was born in the first place. After we covered »Funeral« on our debut EP, I kept in contact with Mike. He is a super-nice guy, with a great passion for metal and very humble attitude that I admire a lot. When Cianide released »Unhumanized«, he gifted me the copies in all formats and I almost cried when I saw that in the promo pictures of the booklets he was wearing a Ferum shirt. It doesn’t happen everyday that a band that influences you a lot is also spontaneously supporting you! When I was writing the debut album I thought to tribute them again, but I didn’t want repeat myself with another cover – so, I wrote »The Undead Truth«.

Starting from the title you can catch the reference to Cianide’s »The Dying Truth«. The lyrics are, in fact, a sort of ‘answer’ to the lyrics of that album, from my point of view. Musically it’s a mix of Cianide-style riffs reinterpreted with a Ferum touch. Production-wise, the song (and the whole album) has been mixed fully in analog, in order to recreate the atmospheres of real and uncompromising death metal sound. In conclusion, »The Undead Truth« is a ‘Ferumized’ tribute to Cianide, and I couldn’t be happier and honored that Mike liked the idea and graced us with his horrifying voice.”

Courtesy of Avantgarde Music:

Ferum is a death doom metal band based in Estonia and Italy. »Asunder / Erode«, their debut album, is an obsessive and monolithic record. Slow, funereal riffs are tied to faster, sharper parts, while harmonized melodies and solos paint a cavernous atmosphere.

»The Undead Truth« is the second single of the album that will see the light on August 19th, 2022 via Avantgarde Music / Unorthodox Emanations, and features Cianide’s Mike Perun as guest.

Ferum formed in Italy in 2017, before and after the release of their debut EP »Vergence« in 2018, the band had an intense live activity that stopped because of the pandemic outbreak.

In late 2020 the singer, guitarist and songwriter Samantha moved permanently to Estonia and started to work on the debut album, recorded at the end of 2021 with a new line-up: Matteo still fulfilling bass duties and Are (Kõdu, Hymenotomy) behind the drumset.

»Asunder / Erode« is the name of the morbid creature that we are proud to release through our death metal branch, Unorthodox Emanations.

»Asunder / Erode« is an obsessive and monolithic record, a journey that explores the concept of ​​separation and its dichotomy, up to erosion and collapse. You will find slow head-hunting riffs entangled with faster ones, all melted with dissonant melodies and memorable solos, sealed by low and horrific growling vocals. This album has the straightforwardness of American death doom and the introspection and emotionality of English death doom.

»Asunder / Erode« was recorded in Walter Productions Studio in Tallinn, Estonia, by the sound engineer and producer Are Kangus, who also played drums, lead guitars and synth on the record. The album has been mixed fully in analog by Are and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB in Sweden. »Asunder / Erode« also features Mike Perun from Cianide as guest vocals in the song »The Undead Truth« and is graced by the work of the Italian Maestro Paolo Girardi for the cover artwork.

Ferum will play Helsinki Death Fest next August, and there was no better date to release the album: »Asunder / Erode« will be out on Friday, August 19th in CD, LP and digital, and will be played in full on stage.

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Ferum is:
Samantha Alessi – Vocals, Guitars
Matteo Anzelini – Bass
Are Kangus – Drums

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