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Italian heavy psych trio Cancervo presents their debut LP, titled »I«, out now via Electric Valley Records

Bergamo, Italy based heavy psych trio Cancervo presents their debut LP, titled »I«, which was released on February 26th, 2021 via Electric Valley Records.

The album is available now in various vinyl editions and on all major streaming platforms.

01. Cancervo
02. Averara
03. Aralalta
04. Darco
05. SWLABR (Cream cover)
06. 1987

All songs written and played by Cancervo, except for track #1 (played by Cancervo & Nicola
Rondi) and track #5 written by Cream.
Mix and mastering by Nicola Rondi.
Artwork by David Paul Seymour.
Graphic by Alessandro Spada and Marco Nieddu.

Courtesy of Qabar PR:

Electric Valley Records presents Cancervo’s debut LP, »I«, out February 26th digitally and on LPs – 150x Green Vinyl, 120x Transparent Vinyl, and 30x Ultra LTD “Mountain Edition.”

Cancervo is an iconic mountain in the heart of a valley, rich in tradition and popular legends. Charmed by the tale of a half dog and half deer creature who lived on that mountain, three local guys from San Giovanni Bianco, Bergamo, started a heavy psych group, brimful of ’70s heavy riffs and mystical moments. Without further ado, the power trio named the band Cancervo as a tribute to their own valley.

The Italian psych dealers’ debut, straightforwardly titled »I«, represents local places and folktales. A complete instrumental outing, the album will drag the listeners between mystic mountains (»Aralalta«), rushing river (»1987«), wildfire (»Cancervo”), deathly gallery (»Darco«), and murky village (»Averara«). As a surprise, the LP additionally offers an instrumental version of Cream’s »SWLABR«.

Throughout the six numbers, the heavy rock ensemble walks the line between both erratic and expected territories, dabbling in sedating psych, deserted stoner/doom, and preternatural prog — certainly upholding the ’70s spirit.

Join Cancervo’s fascinating tour to enjoy the local myths and scenic beauties.

“a picturesque spin that effectively demonstrates the power of sound to affect not only mood, but imagination.” — Doomed & Stoned

“a delightfully heavy and progressive sounding album that offers an exciting blast of intense Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal.” — Outlaws Of The Sun

“Without a doubt, this is an ideal album to listen to” — Doom Charts

“bombastic stoner doom songs” (Rating 80/100) — Zware Metalen

“an awesome album it balances the heavy and the light tones” — The Psych Rock

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