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Italian heavy stoner rockers Tenebra share a visualiser video for the brand new single »Stranded«

Italian heavy stoner rockers Tenebra share a visualiser video for the second single »Stranded« taken from their upcoming full-length album, »Moongazer«, set to release on April 29th, 2022 via New Heavy Sounds (EU) and Seeing Red Records (North America).

01. Heavy Crusher
02. Cracked Path
03. Black Lace
04. Carry My Load
05. Winds Of Change
06. Stranded
07. Space Child
08. Dark And Distant Sky
09. Moon Maiden

From New Heavy Sounds:

New Heavy Sounds is very proud to bring you »Moongazer«, the second album by the four-piece heavy stoner rock powerhouse from Italy, Tenebra.

»Stranded« is the second track by Tenebra, taken from their new album »Moongazer«. Which is set for release on April 29th by New Heavy Sounds in collaboration with the estimable Seeing Red Records in the USA.

»Stranded« is another fuzz rocking stomper. Twisting riffs, melodic Jack Bruce style basslines, rhythm changes coiling around the formidable vocal talents of Silvia’s full throttle, hair swinging rock vocals. Think Maggie Bell with a hint of Gillan, laced with soul, grit, whiskey and late nights, it’s perfectly suited to the fist pumping proto metal vibe of the track. The shape of things to come without a doubt.

»Moongazer« contains nine slabs of crushing fuzzed up grooves, fuelled by 70’s proto metal, hard rock and psych-blues, loaded with great riffs and melody and topped off by gutsy soulful vocals.

Musically, you could say that Tenebra occupy similar musical terrain to bands such as Graveyard, Witchcraft, Kadavar and other bands of that ilk, but Tenebra are very much their own beast. They have all the chops of course, but are musically less slavish, often adding a twist that keeps the songs fresh and now. There’s also very little reliance on Sabbath-isms (apart from one cheeky nod) and though occult rock is also part of the vibe, the music steers well clear of the cliches. In fact the band bring a clutch of left field influences into their melting pot as well, from June of 44 and Love Battery to the Misfits and the psych grunge of Screaming Trees, much of it in evidence on this new album. In fact Gary Lee Conner of Screaming Trees actually contributes to »Moon Maiden«.

Of the four members, Claudio (bass), Emilio (guitar) and Mesca (drums) came from the hardcore and post-hardcore squat scene that gathered around Bologna, whereas their formidable vocalist Silvia (the youngest of the crew) is immersed in the underground rock of the ’60s and’ 70s. When you hear her sing you’ll know where she’s coming from as she has one helluva rock voice, laced with whiskey, smoke, grit, late nights and a whole lotta soul. Think Maggie Bell meets Betty Davis with a smattering of Gillan, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

What you get with »Moongazer« is a band revelling in the spirit of 70’s rock rather than recreating it, and it’s a thrilling ride.

Pre-order »Moongazer« here:
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Tenebra is:
Silvia Feninno – Vocals
Emilio Torreggiani – Guitars
Claudio Troise – Bass
Claudio “Mesca” Collina – Drums

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