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Italian instrumental stoner rock trio The Magogas presents their debut album »48 Moons«; out now via Go Down Records!

Venezia, Italy based instrumental stoner rock trio The Magogas has just released their debut album »48 Moons« on March 29th, 2024 via Go Down Records.

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01. Lost In The Fog
02. #5
03. Lunar Seal
04. Cemetery Of Good Intentions
05. Nicoletta The Harlot
06. Polish Brick
07. Too High To See The Coast
08. Despotic Bitch’s Blues
09. Closure

Courtesy of All Noir PR:

»48 Moons« collects the music composed by The Magogas in the time frame of forty-eight moons. It is a musical journey filled up with mesmerizing riffs, cosmic atmospheres, and rhythmic fluctuations, like a rocket launched without a destination, guided just by instinct.

The opening track »Lost In The Fog« was quickly composed on the spur of the moment and recalls the feeling of being disoriented, much like the confusion of adolescence. »Lunar Seal« popped up from a vision of a seal snout in a full moon photo, which inspired the figure of a fierce animal that travels through space dispensing stern justice against tyrants. »Cemetery Of Good Intentions« evokes the guilt of broken promises to keep on the straight and narrow. »Nicoletta The Harlot« is dedicated to the friend who first believed in the band while ‘Polish Brick« pays homage to an 80s Italian comedy. »Too High To See The Coast« is about a boat trip from the Venice lagoon to the North African coast, to its chaotic bazaars that smell of exotic spices and resound with the snake charmer’s notes. »Despotic Bitch’s Blues« is a tribute to the deep roots of rock music: the blues. »Closure« is a long crescendo of sensations, which bring the listener higher and higher, then leave him there, suspended.

About the band:

The Magogas was formed in the summer of 2020 when drummer Lisa Cappellazzo (formerly T.H.U.M.B., Bodyntime, Kiran) joined guitarist Jacopo Nava and bassist Fabio Cester, who had been composing riffs for a while. Each band member brought their musical inspirations and previous experiences, ranging from hardcore punk to metal and grunge. This power trio plays instrumental stoner rock with heavy psych, space rock, and desert rock influences. Their music features loud valve guitar sounds, a hypnotic groove, powerful and fast riffs, grunge rhythm, and psychedelic solos with a dash of thrash metal. The band’s choice to forego vocals is intentional, as they want to focus the listeners’ attention on a cosmic journey without distracting them with lyrics.

In 2021, the band recorded and shared its kick-off demo and video online. The following year, they performed live at a rock festival, opening for international acts, and sharing the stage with other bands of the local scene.

In 2023, the band was hosted on local radio broadcasts, played more gigs, and performed in Croatia during the summertime. The Magogas entered the studio to record their debut album, »48 Moons«, including nine tracks cherry-picked from those composed over almost two and a half years: forty-eight-moon time exactly.

»48 Moons« is released digitally on March 29, 2024 via Go Down Records. You can stream the album at THIS LOCATION!

Music by The Magogas.
Produced by The Magogas and Ruggero Pol.
Recorded by Ruggero Pol at Garage Recording Studio in 2023.
Artwork by Awonggo.

The Magogas are:
Fabio Cester – Bass
Jacopo Nava – Guitar
Lisa Cappellazzo – Drums

For fans of Karma To Burn, Kyuss and The Atomic Bitchwax

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