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Italian post-doom metal trio Slugg stream their debut full-length album »Orichalcum«

Rome, Italy based post-doom metal trio Slugg has just released their debut full-length album »Orichalcum« on May 5th, 2023.

01. Yonder
02. Opal
03. Vagrant
04. Bloodbound

Slugg comments: “We are Slugg, a post-metal band formed in Rome, Italy in early 2019. The band is inspired by several genres, most of all we’re influenced by doom and progressive metal, which both drive us to channel our energy, giving to it all the shades and the attributes, allowing us to shape this energy into the form of music. Apart from these influences, each one of us has his own individuality, fights for it and ultimately intertwines it with the other’s, finding a place in the middle of our respective visions.

After the release of the single »Yonder« in 2021, the full-length »Orichalcum« was released self-produced on May 5th 2023 and it’s currently out on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and all the most important digital platforms. The album »Orichalcum« is our very first experiment. It was quite a tough one to write, to compose and eventually to record. It has a doomish taste with some post-metal influences, often evolving into polyrhythms, raw breakdowns and harmoniuos verses: different paths bringing to the same destination, completing each other as limbs, arms and legs of a whole living being hiding behind the name of »Orichalcum«.”

Order »Orichalcum« here:

All tracks composed and performed by Slugg.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kloaka studio (Rome) by Valerio Libera.
Artwork by Asep Yasin Abdulah.

Slugg is:
Jacopo Cautela – Guitar/Vocals
Stephen Drive – Bass
Valerio Libera – Drums/Guitar/Vocals

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