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Italian post-rock/metal collective Cane di Gøya released their debut album »La V del sordo« on vinyl and digital!

Tuscany, Italy based post-rock/metal collective Cane di Gøya is streaming their debut album, »La V del sordo«, which was just released this Monday, October 10th, 2022 via Black Terror Distro & Store / Cave Canem DIY / Controcanti Produzioni / Fresh Outbreak Records / Smelly Cat Records / Vollmer Industries / Zero Produzioni.

01. Saturno devorando a su hijo
02. El sueño de la razón produce monstruos
03. El aquelarre
04. La lámpara del Diablo

Live recordings and mixing by Emanuele Braca at GRS Studio, Firenze.
Mastering by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound Mastering Studio, Ponte All’Asse.

Courtesy of Metaversus PR:

»La V del sordo« is the debut album by Cane di Gøya, out on 10th October on vinyl and digital for Black Terror Distro & Store, Cave Canem DIY, Controcanti Produzioni, Fresh Outbreak Records, Smelly Cat Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni.

Cane di Gøya means Goya’s dog. It is a creature only accidentally shaped like a dog. It represents the viewer. All of us, alone, lost while facing death: the unknown.

After many line-up changes, the band has eventually managed to square the circle, becoming a six-headed beast made up of Enrico Anzalone on the drums, Lorenzo Cremo on bass, Lorenzo Terreni on guitar, Marco Nincheri on guitar and electronics, Lorenzo Guazzini on guitar and Samuele Storai on vocals.

Because of their past experiences (Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, Architecture of the Universe, Autumn Leaves Falls In, Macerie, I Randagi) a mixture of sweet and suggestive melodies has been reached, urged and enhanced by powerful horse rides and icy, throbbing interludes.

»La V del sordo« is a collection of four songs, recorded in 2021 in Florence at the GRS Studio by Emanuele Braca (Velvet Score, Zambra) and mastered by Tommy Bianchi.

There are two authorial contributions: in »Saturno devorando a su hijo«, the electronic part is handled by Leonardo Granchi (Bad Girl); in »El sueño de la razón produce monstruos«, David Battistini (Disquieted By, Bennett, Zambra etc.) lends his voice to “duet” with Samuele.

Cane di Gøya stems from some members of the Tuscan post-rock/metal scene (Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, Architecture of the Universe, Autumn Leaves Falls In, Macerie) somewhere between Pistoia and Florence in 2014. »La V del sordo« (2022) is their first album. They have played with Zu, Bologna Violenta, Hexis, Lytic (ex-Saetia) and Marnero.

Cane di Gøya are:
Samuele Storai – Vocals
Lorenzo Guazzini – Guitar
Lorenzo Terreni – Guitar
Marco Nincheri – Guitar
Lorenzo Cigna – Bass
Enrico Anzalone – Drums

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