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Kugelblitz celebrate the first anniversary of their debut album »Pale Blue Dot« with a brand new music video

French doom sludge metal duo Kugelblitz premiere a brand new music video for »Cosmic Convolution« to celebrate the first anniversary of their debut album »Pale Blue Dot«.

Kugelblitz are the messengers of Korhnüu, conqueror of the universe, space and time. For generations, preachers of the Dark Lord have kept secret the prophecy of his return. But now, the time has come to spread the word as his grand design nears completion. Merging the astral energy from whole galaxies, Korhnüu and his legions of fanatics from around the cosmos have started to transcend into the space continuum… Surrender or die, he is coming.

»Cosmic Convultion« comes from the mix of the words “convulsion” (medical condition) and “convolution” (mathematical operation).

Courtesy of NRV Promotion:

This first music video get us inside the Kugelblitz story! The song is extract from the album »Pale Blue Dot«, released in April 2020 which tells the prophecy of the return of Korhnüu, a mythological entity who wants revenge and to conquer the all universe. The messengers of the cult worshiping Kornhüu are the two musicians, spreading the world throughout its music. The followers are part of a top secret planetary cult composed by the most powerful people in the world. In the musicvideo, we can see them come together to choose the two messengers. The gourou will make an attractive proposition to the 2 members who will be pushed in a recording studio where they will be sacrificed for the good of the prophecy…

Kugelblitz was formed in 2019 and drags us into a dark atmosphere punctuated by heavy, brutal riffs from a 6 strings bass guitar, solid drum patterns and a hoarse and tortured voice. The band leads us quickly in its thick and figurative world at the crossroads of doom, sludge, black metal and noise music. Kugelblitz easily makes a wink at its influences (Meshuggah, Conan, Mantar, Gojira, Mastodon).

Kugleblitz is:
S. Garrette – Guitars, Vocals
A. Gomila – Drums

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