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Leechfeast / Nightfucker split LP out now via Rope or Guillotine!

Leechfeast / Nightfucker split LP has just dropped today, March 3rd, 2023 via Rope or Guillotine. Order your copy now on Bandcamp page or through the label’s webshop.

The label comments: “Extremely proud of this one! It has been quite a roller coaster, but here it is, finally. Amazing piece of art, by far the most beautiful Rope or Guillotine release to date. Vinyl comes with a gold foil stamped inlay / OBI strip with lyrics. Artwork was done by Jaka Vatovec.

Head over to CVLT Nation and enjoy.

Thank you!”

01. Leechfeast – Bells Of Fire
02. Nightfucker – Causeways
03. Nightfucker – Poisoned Wine

Courtesy of Rope or Guillotine:

“In a time where the modern human psyche often seems obsessed with evolution, advancement, expediency and a so called constant slope of increase, all too undervalued and unspoken on is the art of dismantlement. Reduction. The mastery of nuance and a deeper understanding of time. The ability to sit in a space, perhaps at times unmoving to feel the moments weight and presence. Perceptions of pacing are often equated aesthetically and symbolically: ‘Blistering hyper-blasts’ or ‘Molasses like doom’ – Yet, more important than anything, one should not be the often too quick to judge a concept based solely on the aspect of movement, but perhaps instead of intent, texture and feeling.

Both of these bands exist as far deeper sums of what is often a quick to categorize sound, and display that innovation, atmosphere, and overall feeling from the result is still the most crucial aspect in the fire of creation regardless of pace, time, or space.”

– Brandon Hill (Cloud Rat / Fantastique / Starved Relations)

Formed in 2008 when Dominic Finbow of Moss (UK) arrived in Vancouver, BC joined by Nick and Adam (Ceremonial Bloodbath / Goatsblood / Radioactive Vomit /Deathwinds) to create hopeless, miserable doom. Buried by a mutual disdain of most things, yet a collective passion for slow ugly noise, the feral entity of suffering and madness, Nightfucker, was born!

Treading a similar nightmare path to hell as Corrupted, Grief, Winter, and Noothgrush follow an incoherent; nightmare existence viewed through a broken lens of depression and confusion. In this case, the pit is examined from within, not above.

“Nightfucker spew forth a churning miasma of slow moving and gut-wrenching terror conceived with the sole goal of representing in the most repulsive way possible the most degraded forms of human life, and explore themes addiction, abuse, suicide, hallucinations, delusions, mental illness, self-harm, and complete human collapse with revolting lucidity.”

Following the 2018 release of their second full-length »Neon Crosses«, »Village Creep« EP saw the light of day a year later, with the record opening new dimensions in their sound, structures and instrument use. Without losing their energy and essence, Leechfeast gave their songs a different emotional charge, often letting the absence of sound and instruments create the heaviness they would normally achieve by doing the opposite.

With releases underway in the upcoming year, the focus has shifted towards the sounds and use of acoustic instruments in their music, with several songs featuring collaborations with different artists, adding a somewhat more physical component to their sound.

Lyrically, while still addressing modern life and themes of mental disorders and human relations, they are taking inspiration from medieval views on the body and death rituals, creating an odd but rich amalgamation of concepts where the line between corporeal and spiritual becomes blurred and a world where time loses its linearity.

Nightfucker side:
Recorded and mixed by Braden DeCorby.

Leechfeast side:
Guitars and drums recorded by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt at Galloway Studio.
Bass and vocals recorded by Jure Gruden at Radio Študent.
Mixed and produced by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt and Leechfeast.

Mastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio.
Visuals by Jaka Vatovec.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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