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Lili Refrain share a live performance video from her recent show in Genova

Lili Refrain share a live performance video from her recent show, which took place at Sudore Pesante in Genova, Italy on June 12th, 2021.

Lili Refrain is a guitarist, composer and performer based in Rome-Italy. Since 2007, she has a solo project in which she uses electric guitar, vocals and loops in real time, without using any computer or pre-recorded tracks. Her songs are created by overlapping sounds that combine minimalist repetition to folk, psychedelia, blues, rock, metal, lyrical opera and guitar virtuosity. She also includes the use of percussions and synth which enrich her arrangements by meeting an experience increasingly focused on rituality. Her masterful technique and her refined taste, lead the listener through the maze of an unforgettable act beyond the boundaries of any genre.

She produced four albums that received excellent reviews by music magazines and webzines: »Lili Refrain«, self-produced in 2007 in handmade copies; »9« released in 2010 by Trips Und Träume/Three Legged Cat; »Kawax« released by Subsound Records and Sangue Dischi; »Ulu« 12″ Picture Disc out in 2020 via Subsound Records. Some of her songs are used for movie soundtracks, documentary, and theatrical performances.

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