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Lingua Ignota shares a music video for the new single »Perpetual Flame Of Centralia«

Lingua Ignota shares the new single »Perpetual Flame Of Centralia« accompanied by a music video and fashion collaboration with fashion designer Ashley Rose Couture.

»Perpetual Flame Of Centralia« is taken from her upcoming album, »Sinner Get Ready«, which will be released on August 6th, 2021 via Sargent House.

01. The Order Of Spiritual Virgins
02. I Who Bend The Tall Grasses
03. Many Hands
04. Pennsylvania Furnace
05. Repent Now Confess Now
06. The Sacred Linament Of Judgment
07. Perpetual Flame Of Centralia
08. Man Is Like A Spring Flower
09. The Solitary Brethren Of Ephrata

From Sargent House:

»Perpetual Flame Of Centralia« is a quiet meditation on one of the major lyrical motifs of the record, the blood of Jesus; that which can “wash and cleanse every stain”, as tearfully expressed by disgraced evangelist Jimmy Swaggart in a televised confession.

The video, shot by Emily Birds, brings an extraordinary and profoundly moving collaboration between Hayter and acclaimed fashion designer and fellow Sargent House artist Ashley Rose Couture who created the looks specifically for this video, inspiring an entire collection. Prompted with “the blood of Jesus,” the designer created a floor-length, red veil studded with pearls and mountains of tulle. Hayter explains, “I asked her to design a piece indebted to 17th-century dutch costume, and she returned with a gown with a 20-foot train and a magisterial lace collar exploding with pearls.” The two artists deal with pain through their art: Hayter through past domestic abuse and Rose through the death of her twin brother, whose encouragement led to her starting her own line.

Rose notes: “Upon meeting Kristin, I felt a genuine connection, both personal and creative, which has only grown this past year working together. To watch someone turn so much pain into art and continue to pick themself up and push on over and over again is exactly what this collection is about. I want the person who wears these pieces to feel strong and empowered no matter how overwhelming or suffocating life can become. Even when it continues to return. You can keep fighting or let the fog swallow you.”

Hayter adds: “I first saw Ashley’s work long before I was able to wear it, and it spoke to me as a longtime fan of the aesthetics and theory of fashion. Her designs transform the wearer into something outside themselves, armor that allows one to embody fantasy or nightmare. Working collaboratively with Ashley has been a dream, I have been able to explore the ideas of my record with wearable art. I chose to wear her mask on the cover of »Sinner Get Ready« because it held the sharp dichotomy of my music; it was chaste and erotic, exquisite and grotesque. For the »Perpetual Flame Of Centralia« video, the expressive capacity of her garments are meditated upon in juxtaposition to the stark, desolate quality of my song. It is the material vs. the immaterial, and the result is languid and dreamy and wonderfully claustrophobic.”

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