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Listen to remastered »Live Tv Metropolis« live album by Serbian cult alternative/post-punk band Jewy Sabatay; out now via Microphonia Records!

Microphonia Records presents live album »Live Tv Metropolis« by Serbian cult alternative/post-punk band Jewy Sabatay, which was remastered and released on September 10th, 2022 in digital format.

01. The Black Dagger
02. Lisac Od Želatina
03. Prevara
04. Hermes
05. Hitler Satanist
06. Novogodišnji Ljudi
07. Naše Dete
08. Okean Sreće
09. Ako Stignem

Recorded in 2007 at Tv Metropolis Studios, Belgrade (Serbia).
Recorded and mixed by Dejan Lalić.
Mastered by Velibor Nikolić.
Artwork by Velibor Nikolić.

Jewy Sabatay were an alternative rock/post-punk band from Pančevo, Serbia (2000-2010). They have a cult status amongst the underground rock audience in Serbia.

Jewy Sabatay formed in late 2000 by three young musicians from Pančevo. They started playing live shows in early 2001 earning appreciation and applause from crowd that liked post-punk and psychedelic rock bands. Jewy Sabatay gained cult status in underground population in Serbia, because of their radical and outrageous shows that were on the edge of incident, and because of forbidden video clips showing their singer completely naked.

Milan Gocić left the band who become a trio. After their bass player and one of the founders, Vladimir Dimitrijević, passed away, remaining members dissolved the band in 2010.

Jewy Sabatay was:
Velibor Nikolić – Guitar, Vocals
Vladimir Dimitrijević – Bass
Slobodan Stanišić – Drums

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