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Listen to self-titled debut album by Finnish one-man doom/death metal band In Depths Of Winter

Finnish one-man doom/death metal band In Depths Of Winter released their self-titled debut album on February 14th, 2022 via Endless Winter.

»In Depths Of Winter« is available now on CD, cassette and digital.

01. Winter Sun
02. All Days Are Hell
03. In Depths Of Winter
04. Nothing Left Unfinished
05. Lukossa Ajassa

In the cold north in depths of winter the music echoes vast emptiness of lifeless surroundings. The plain visuals are a reflection of life in solitude. From gripping winter to short summer the nature remains the main inspiration.

In Depths Of Winter was brought to life by J.H. to bring forth the ways of the people of north. Life through snow and ice where the best of times are linked to frost. The dry winter air that fills the lungs. The northern sky which is more than aurora borealis. The cracks under your feet in freezing packs of snow. The endless journeys through empty lands. The feel of comfort in these places.

Soundscapes of the album are heavy, slow and melodic. Death doom of the early 90’s is the base of the sound. The album is made of five lengthy songs which deliver the music in steady pace. The songs are built around melancholic guitar melodies. The strings keep the atmosphere and deep growls bring sturdy structure for the record. The theme is well documented above. All is white, cold and far from the green garden.

The album is released on high quality silver tape with black on body print. Double side full color J-CARD + 2 pages including all lyrics and a photo taken at winter sunrise. Mastered for full analogue range. Total playing time approx 45 minutes.

In Depths of Winter was recorded in Jyväskylä Finland 2021. All instruments and vocals by J.H. All music written and produced by J.H.

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