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Listen to the first demo by New Hampshire’s epic doom metal/hard rock band Archdruid

American witchy proto-doom/hard rock band Archdruid just unleashed their first demo last Sunday, March 14, 2021, which is available via band’s Bandcamp.

01. The Forging (Intro)
02. Wayland The Smith
03. Spirit Of Albion (Damh The Bard cover)
04. Black Riders

Archdruid is an epic doom metal/hard rock band from New Hampshire featuring current and former members of Reckless Force, Tetanis, Raging Fire, Silent Violence and Nuclear Decay.

Spiritual/literary influenced by The Mabinogion, the Tuatha Dé Dannan, Arthurian legend, Wayland the Smith, Anglo-Saxon poetry and JRR Tolkien.

1 – »The Forging« (Intro)
Wayland pounding steel.

2 – »Wayland The Smith«
A tale of a blacksmith elf of Saxon legend and his hunger for vengeance.

3 – »Spirit Of Albion«
A cover of a song by a bard from the isle of Prydain. From the highlands of Scotland to the marshes and fens of East Anglia, from the high mountains of Gwynedd to the rocky shores of Cornwall, from the Roman stones of London to the vast moors of Northumbria, from Stonehenge to Sherwood Forest, the spirits of the past live on and the Old Ways prevail.

4 – »Black Riders«
A story of the Riders Nine destined for the One Ring.

Archdruid is:
Emily Sordid Waltz – Vocals
Paul Lennon – Rhythm Guitar
Brandon Ward – Lead Guitar
Chris Nichols – Bass
Dylan Lee – Drums

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