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Listen to the new tribute album »Bow To Your Masters Volume Two: Deep Purple« by Glory Or Death Records

Glory Or Death Records stream the new tribute album, »Bow To Your Masters Volume Two: Deep Purple«, which was just released on May 7th, 2021 via Bandcamp, with a vinyl version expected in November.

Pre-order vinyl now and listen to more here:

01. Big Scenic Nowhere – Demon’s Eye
02. Gygax – Speed King
03. RedWitch Johnny feat. Matthew Putman – Maybe I’m A Leo
04. Topsy Kretts – Black Night
05. Saturn – Into The Fire
06. High Reeper feat. Jillian Taylor – Burn
07. Great Electric Quest feat. Francis Roberts – Highway Star
08. Steak feat. Chantal Brown – Smoke
09. Mos Generator – Love Child
10. Asphodel Wine – Child In Time
11. Temple Of Love feat. Anton Pukshansky – Gettin’ Tighter
12. Red Wizard – Fireball
13. Kook – Space Truckin’
14. Worshipper – Pictures Of Home
15. YOB – Perfect Strangers

Including reimagined artwork from David Paul Seymour, Carin A. Hazmat and Daniel Porta!

Mastered by James Page / Emerald Age Recording.

YOB frontman Mike Scheidt coments: “We all love Deep Purple! I grew up hearing »Highway Star« and »Smoke On The Water« on the radio. I loved those songs of course, but the first Deep Purple album I heard all the way through was »Perfect Strangers«. I was 14 years old listening to a local hard rock and metal radio show, and the song »Perfect Strangers« hit the speakers. I went out and bought that album as fast as I could. 37 years later, for YOB to be able to record and offer this tune in tribute, alongside all of the excellent bands on the second installment of the »Bow To Your Masters« compilation series on Glory Or Death Records is a dream come true.”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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