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Megadrone sign with Metal Assault Records to release their second full-length album in early 2022

Heavy psych drone duo Megadrone featuring former Bevar Sea vocalist Ganesh Krishnaswamy sign with Metal Assault Records to release their second full-length album in early 2022.

Courtesy of Metal Assault Records:

Metal Assault Records is extremely stoked to announce the newest addition to the roster. Heavy-psych duo Megadrone become the 30th band to join the MAR family, and add yet another unique facet to the already diverse label roster, with their brand of cosmic psychedelia.

Every band on the label pursues its own different style and interpretation of heavy music. Every such interpretation has its own vibe and serves its own purpose. But every once in a blue moon comes along a band or a project that showcases the sheer mind-bending power of music, more than anything else. Megadrone undoubtedly is one such band.

Upon listening to Megadrone’s existing set of self-released recordings, MAR owner Andrew Bansal found himself deep in a hypnotized trance, and delved only deeper with every repeat listen. The uninitiated around the globe (and beyond) now must experience the same.

This is what Megadrone has to say about signing with MAR: “We are extremely grateful and humbled by the opportunity that has been presented to us by Metal Assault Records. Over the the next couple of years you can expect heavy amp worship, experiments in tone hunting, twisted psych-drenched synth driven experiences that’s bound to leave you in a dark afterglow. It’s a small step for us, and a giant leap for experimental droogies, psychedelic lotus eaters everywhere.”

Megadrone channels the sheer heaviness of the likes of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Electric Wizard, Sunn O))), Earth and Sleep and blending it with psychedelic rock elements influenced by Pink Floyd, Amon Duul, Can, Yes, Camel and Mike Oldfield, as well as the cinematic bombast of Bernard Hermann, Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter, Trent Reznor & Atticus, and Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein.

In 2020, Megadrone self-released their first full-length album, »Transmissions From The Jovian Antennae«, and followed it up with a single called »The Causeway« this year. MAR will release the band’s second full-length in early 2022. The title, track listing, release date, cover art, merch and pre-order details will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, here’s a small taste of what to expect from the new release:

More about Megadrone:

From the nether regions of infinite space comes the mind-altering, interstellar behemoth, Megadrone.

Conjured from the akashic aether and drawing from the world-shattering frequencies laid down by ancient riff mammoths, Megadrone infuses doom-laden heavy music with hallucinogenic meanderings and ambient daydreaming.

Megadrone’s cosmic salvo is a plunge into the subconscious void. In essence, to boldly go where no mind has gone before.

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