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Mexican blackened psych doom metal outfit Hirkum dropped their self-titled debut album

Mexican blackened psych doom metal outfit Hirkum stream their self-titled debut album, which just dropped on September 15th, 2023.

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01. Hellhound
02. Mythomane
03. Die Trying
04. Screaming Skull
05. Katharsis
06. The Horned One
07. Anhedonia
08. 13 Cabras
09. Hirkum
10. Moloch’s Theme

Hirkum, who specialize in the heavy psych and doom/sludge metal style, infuse their music with a raw, uncompromising intensity.

Through themes of existential dread, fantasy, and personal struggle, their music takes listeners on a trip through the depths of darkness with gloomy, dismal settings. Their songs express the grimness of the human condition with a sense of melancholy and despair.

Hirkum stands out as a true innovator in the broad world of metal music, pushing the boundaries of the style and producing music that is both sonically alluring and emotionally intense.

Fans of metal and psychedelia, as well as those looking for a complete musical experience might relate to this music.

All songs written by Volkh Vilchis.
Produced by Hirkum.
Recorded by Hirkum and recording engineer Felipe Carbajal at SAE Institute Mexico.
Mixed by Chad Ubovich (Meatbodies, Fuzz).
Mastered by Miguel Fraino (V34, Cardiel).
Artwork: “The Spawn of Hirkum” by Ilo Cárdenas.

Hirkum is:
Volkh Vilchis – All Strings and Vox
Daniel Archundia – Drums

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