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Mexican doomed sludge duo Bardo released their new album »Revelaciones«, available now on all major streaming platforms

San Luis Potosi, Mexico based doomed sludge duo Bardo stream their new album, »Revelaciones«, which was released on October 31st, 2023.

Listen to »Revelaciones« on all major streaming platforms!

01. Revelación
02. Hambre
03. Peste
04. Guerra
05. Conquista

Famine, Plague, War and Conquest. The four horsemen of the end of times, messengers of revelations.

This work approaches the Apocalypse as a personal process, as a rite of passage and a manifestation of will on the path to death. The transmutation of the body, the soul in search of non-transcendence, of nothingness, of the abyss. Light the flame of conscience, not to be dazzled, but to realize the darkness that surrounds us.

We will face our destiny with our heads held high, whatever it may be. As long as we have decided it ourselves. If fire will be our condemnation, then let the flames rise to the sky.

All songs composed by Bardo.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by KB at Testa Estudio, León, Guanajuato Mexico.
Photography and cover art by Electric Funeral (Carlos Vela).
Band logo by Asde Sanchez.
Voices in »Revelación«, »Hambre« and »Conquista« by Cesar Escamilla.
Guitar in »Conquista« by Diego Benavente.

Photo by Manolo Cardona

Hypnotic bass and drums that invite trance, managing to represent the intermediate states in which any being in this reality is immersed. Formed in mid-2016 by Iván Figueroa on bass and vocals and Carlos Vela on drums. It integrates sounds of doom and old school sludge in a raw and minimalist composition. In June 2018 they revealed their first full-length album, with 7 tracks that try to represent the transition between being, death as the protagonist and not being as resolution of a constant and infinite cycle. The single from the album »Todos Mueren« seeks to remind us of the ephemeral nature of existence and tracks like »Abismo« reflect the desires of a character who no longer wishes to be part of the endless chain, who simply prefers to disappear.

Bardo is:
Iván Figueroa – Bass/Vocals
Carlos Vela – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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