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Monolithe’s ninth full-length album »Kosmodrom« out now via Time Tombs Production!

Paris, France based melodic death/doom metal outfit Monolithe is back with their ninth full-length album, »Kosmodrom«, which was just released on November 25th, 2022 via Time Tombs Production.

01. Sputnik-1
02. Voskhod
03. Kudryavka
04. Soyuz
05. Kosmonavt

After more than twenty years of existence, eight studio albums, a live album, and two mini-albums, the longevity and now respectable discography of Monolithe are the first witnesses of the intense activity of this band that has become a veteran of the international underground doom metal scene.

»Kosmodrom«, Monolithe’s 9th full-length album, tells the tale of intrepid pioneers, explorers, discoverers and the dangers and sacrifices inherent to their leap into the unknown, through the metaphor of real historical events related to the space conquest on the Soviet side.

Some famous figures such as Vladimir Komarov, Alexei Leonov or the dog Laïka can be encountered at the turn of a song or a text line.

Photo by Julien Bourdette

»Kosmodrom« is musically a compendium of the know-how accumulated by the band over its more than two decades of existence, through a racy and futuristic doom metal, crossed with progressive touches and sprinkled with new influences.

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Music & lyrics written by Sylvain Bégot (Koh Tao, Thailand – March to June 2020) except 7’54 to 12’25 on »Kosmonavt« written by Thibault Faucher.
Female vocals on »Sputnik-1« written and performed by London Lawhon.
Ending guitar solo on »Kudryavka« performed by Jari Lindholm.
English voice-over performed by Alex Smith.
Russian voice-overs translated by Timur Iskandarov and performed by Timur Iskandarov, Denis Grigoryev & Daria Barkova.

»Kosmodrom« was recorded in winter & spring 2020/2021.
Drums & vocals recorded by Andrew Guillotin at Hybreed Studio.
Guitars & keyboards recorded by Sylvain Bégot at Red Reed Studio.
Bass recorded by Olivier Defives.
Mixed & mastered by Jari Lindholm at Jari Lindholm Music & Audio, Sweden (May/June 2021).
Produced by Sylvain Bégot.
Artwork by Guibz Zilla.

Monolithe is:
Rémi Brochard – Guitars, Vocals
Sylvain Bégot – Guitars, Keyboards, Devices
Benoît Blin – Guitars
Olivier Defives – Bass
Matthieu Marchand – Keyboards
Thibault Faucher – Drums

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