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Moths and The Stone Eye announce a 4-track split EP coming out on August 21st

Puerto Rican progressive/stoner metal band Moths and US fuzz-fueled rockers The Stone Eye will release a 4-track split EP on August 21st, 2020. The split will feature a new original song from both bands and a cover of Black Sabbath’s »Hand Of Doom« by Moths and The Stone Eye’s version of the American folk classic »Wayfaring Stranger«.

From Dewar PR:

Puerto Rican progressive metal outfit Moths and Philly rockers The Stone Eye will be unleashing a 4-track split EP on August 21st. »Intervention« and »Hand Of Doom« (Black Sabbath cover) showcase Moths’ unconventional and at times even psychedelic interpretation of stoner metal, while The Stone Eye drives their garage rock gumbo to colossal heights with »Presence Of The Mind« and comes back down to earth with the bluesy cover of »Wayfaring Stranger« a traditional folk song.

Moths are a progressive/stoner metal band from San Juan, Puerto Rico that blends powerful riffs with unexpected and increasingly progressive undertones. The band was founded by Weslie Negrón (Bass), Jonathan Miranda (Lead Guitar), and Omar González (Rhythm Guitar) in 2016 with the later addition of Damaris Rodríguez (Vocals) and Daniel Figueroa (Drums).

Moths released their debut, self-titled EP on November 2nd, 2018, gaining attention from important music websites like Bandcamp, Heavy Blog is Heavy, and Dead Rhetoric, among others. The band embarked on their first mainland tour with a short run in the northeastern United States, where the band got a great response from audiences.

In June 2020, their track »Adhara & Ray« was part of the Stimulus Swim mixtape curated by Adult Swim, which had the band featured both in Adult Swim’s website and their TV programming. With Damaris’ aggressive but melodic vocals, Omar’s catchy riffs, Jonathan’s unorthodox leads, Weslie’s solid bass lines, and Daniel’s extreme drumming, Moths creates a perfect balance between heavy and cohesive music.

Rising from the ashes of absolutely nothing but the remnants of Uncle Earl’s canned Budweiser in 2014, The Stone Eye is an electrifying rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Combining elements of stoner, alternative, progressive, and garage rock comes a hard-hitting yet catchy style of music. Hell, we’d wager that there’s even more styles of music which they draw inspiration from. Crazy, right? Following a plethora of releases dating back to 2014, The Stone Eye is at it yet again with their latest full length record, Ventura. This one’s for you, Uncle Earl.

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