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Mountain Tamer reveal the second single »Scorched Earth« from their third full-lenght album, »Psychosis Ritual«

Californian heavy psych rockers Mountain Tamer reveal the second single »Scorched Earth« from their third full-lenght album, »Psychosis Ritual«, set to release on September 25th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

01. Psychosis Ritual
02. Warlock
03. Turoc Maximus Antonis
04. Scortched Earth
05. Death In The Woods
06. Chained
07. Black Noise

Says the band: “»Scorched Earth« puts you inside the mind of a soldier on the front lines. A soldier with only one thing on his mind: destroying the enemy. There is no happy ending to this war story, just a trail of destruction left by the American military-industrial complex.”

From Heavy Psych Sounds:

»Psychosis Ritual« is the sum of Mountain Tamer’s first decade of exploration into the psychedelic arts. The album takes the band on a journey through the occult rhythms and tones of worlds forgotten. Each track is a new chapter of Mountain Tamer riffing their way into uncharted territory. For this ritual, you are the sacrifice…

Mountain Tamer is Andru Hall (Guitar/Vocals), Casey Garcia (Drums), and David Teget (Bass). »Psychosis Ritual« was recorded and mixed by Salem’s Bend guitarist Robert Parker, with mastering by Mike Tarsia at Sigma Sounds Studios. This recording is the most cohesive and lucid experience Mountain Tamer has yet to offer.

The album artwork by photographer Dillon Vaughn and tattoo artist Derek Pratt only adds to the singular vision of Psychosis Ritual by providing beautifully lysergic visuals that are inseparable from the music itself.

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