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My Dying Bride share a new lyric video for the track »The Solace« taken from their latest full-length album »The Ghost Of Orion«

My Dying Bride share a new lyric video for the track »The Solace« taken from their latest full-length album, »The Ghost Of Orion«, released in March 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band comments: “A new lyric video has been produced for one of the bleakest songs on the last album – »The Solace«. Al images were created by Mid Journey AI by Andrew based on the songs lyrics and general mood. Just in time for All Hallows Eve, or Christmas – you decide.”

Images created in Mid-Journey AI by Andrew Craighan, all based on the lyrics and the mood of the song itself. Female vocals by Lindy-Fay Hella of Wardruna and Dei Farne fame. All the art here is downloadable on My Dying Bride’s Facebook page.

My Dying Bride formed in the dying summer of 1990 by Stainthorpe and guitarist Craighan. Across nearly 30 years, England’s most disconsolate export had not only extracted itself from the hardscrabble confines of their hometown of Halifax, but also turned into world-wide phenoms – nay, kings of doom-death! – their employment of violin, keyboards, Romantic era literary devices, and obsessively long songs serving as distinct identifiers.

Albums »Turn Loose The Swans« (1993), »The Angel And The Dark River« (1995), »Like Gods Of The Sun« (1996), »34.788%… Complete« (1997), »The Dreadful Hours« (2001), and »A Map Of All Our Failures« (2012) weren’t merely hour-plus long slabs of suffering but calendar moments, where desolation, sorrow, and all things blue (in dirge form) were passionately trumpeted and celebrated by fans absolutely devoted. My Dying Bride albums became life events for the low spirited and downhearted. Indeed, few bands in the ‘90s sounded like the Brits.

My Dying Bride is:
Aaron Stainthorpe – Vocals
Andrew Craighan – Guitar
Lena Abé – Bass
Shaun Macgowan – Keyboards, Violin
Jeff Singer – Drums
Neil Blanchett – Guitar

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