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New York stoner doom trio Green Hog Band announce their new full-length album »Devil’s Luck«

Brooklyn, New York based stoner doom trio Green Hog Band announce their new full-length album, »Devil’s Luck«, which will be released this Friday, July 9th, 2021 via The Swamp Records.

01. Full Moon
02. My Hell
03. Luck Of The Devil
04. Desert King
05. Dark Territory
06. Long Smoke
07. Heart Of The Forest
08. Ric Moto

From left to right: Mike, Ronan, Ivan

Green Hog Band is a 3 piece combo based in Brooklyn NY. Since the band has started it has released a couple of EPs and one LP. The band has known each other from the previous music projects, but came together in 2019. Mike is the guitar player and lyrics writer, Ivan is the bass guitar player and vocalist, and Ronan is the drummer. All of the Green Hog Band music is recorded and mastered in the band’s own studio.

Bassist and vocalist Ivan adds: “Even though this band formed pretty recently and we are still new to being in the US scene, we have quiet a long history of playing music together before becoming Green Hog Band. A quick summary of our music would be: Fuzz fueled road-trip for the bikers, stoners, and doom-heads. We sing in Russian language, but have lyrics translations in the support materials.”

Listen to the band’s latest split single »Green Warlock on Opium Hogs« with Opium Warlock, out on April 20th, 2021:

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