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New York’s Witnesses to unleash the enchanting heavy single »Curse Of Tarry Town, Or The Hessian’s Diary« on December 14th

New York’s Witnesses have announced the enchanting heavy single »Curse Of Tarry Town, Or The Hessian’s Diary« which will see the light on December 14th, 2022.

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

New York City based Witnesses is preparing to unleash the enchanting heavy single »Curse Of Tarry Town, Or The Hessian’s Diary«. The new track follows the success of »The Holy Water« EP released earlier this year, and offers escapism through compelling composition and experimentation.

The cross-genre project of multi instrumentalist Greg Schwan began in 2015 designed to explore a multi-genre approach through a non-traditional band structure. Continuing to develop Witnesses’ music, »Curse Of Tarry Town« tells the story of Washington Irving’s headless horseman, but from the latter’s perspective. Opening with entwining serene acoustic guitar and piano melodies, a dark undertone delicately emerges before venturing into heavy realms. Entrancing vocal deliveries from Gabbi Coenen enhance the immersive quality of this release and complement the stylistic transitions. The slower pace and elongated chords, inspired from a growing influence of doom metal, combine with the instrumental and vocal textures to produce an atmospheric sound. Playing further with genre expectations and instrumentation, Witnesses incorporate a bright saxophone lead that bridges across the light and heavy music.

Experience the enthralling delights of Witnesses through an unconventional twist on a dark tale. Taking an unusual approach through all aspects from the lyrical narrative through to the music itself, Witnesses opens the door to the obscure.

Greg comments “I wrote this song foremost to have fun with Washington Irving’s Headless Horseman. I wanted to give the character a certain perspective on what’s happening around him, while the music continues in the vein of »The Holy Water« EP.”

Witnesses is:
Greg Schwan – Guitar, Bass, Drum programming, Keys, Mixing, Mastering

Guest/session musicians:
Gabbi Coenen (LA) – Vocals
Jørgen Munkeby (Norway) – Saxophone

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