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New Zealand doom/sludge metal band Demons Of Noon unleashed their debut full-length album »Death Machine«, out now via Evil Feast Records!

Auckland, New Zealand based doom/sludge metal collective Demons Of Noon stream their debut full-length album, »Death Machine«, which was just released on December 1st, 2023 via Evil Feast Records.

Featuring members of Fortress Europe, Homebrew, Toad and Luger Boa.

01. Echolalia
02. Crushing Sun
03. Coward
04. Succession
05. Bad Men
06. Sphere Of Peace
07. Demons Of Shade
08. Torched And Burned

Demons Of Noon comments: “On Saturday 12 February 2022, we turned up at North-Western to record the instrumental tracks for a new album over the weekend with Tom Anderson. After that we spent countless nights recording vocals with Abraham Kunin. James Goldsmith masterfully mixed the results, and James Plotkin unleashed his audio dark arts to master it for digital and vinyl. Scott Satherley slaved over the artwork, Sheltered Life PR made sure that everyone heard it, Bigpop Music Publishing serviced it to all the streaming platforms, and Holiday Records pressed it to vinyl. It takes a lot of time and work from a lot of people to make an album, and we’re proud to say that »Death Machine« is out now on vinyl and all streaming platforms.”

Courtesy of Sheltered Life PR:

Formed in Auckland in 2017, Demons Of Noon is a smouldering cult doom colossus that will conjure in the mind of any true fan of the genre, the cosmic rock of Blood Ceremony, Lucifer and Purson.

Having harvested a loyal fanbase across their native New Zealand, the six-piece has continued to up their game time and time again, refining their sound with every new release while continuing to mine the primitive and historic grooves channelled by the likes of Black Sabbath, Coven and Black Widow.

Photos by Harry Skelton

Following the success of several self-funded singles, this December the band releases »Death Machine« – their first full-length album – amid a fug of smoke; spectral jams and punishing riffs.

Driven by the ethereal and sombre vocals of Aria Jones and Tamsyn Matchett, the insidious guitar-play of Abraham Kunin and Scott Satherley, and low-end rumblings of bassist Jonathan Burgess and drummer, Joseph McElhinney, Demons Of Noon are an absolute force. And their latest single, »Coward« is testament to this. Foreshadowing the arrival of their incoming debut, this bruising hymn demonstrates the breadth of their influences, drawing upon industrial bands like Ministry, the relentlessness of early Shihad, Mazzy Star and the swing of those great New Orleans sludge bands.

“Metal is the only sane reaction to modernity,” says bassist, Jonathan Burgess. “Since Neolithic times, human beings have stepped outside of themselves through immersion in hypnotic and repetitive sounds, and we all need to reconnect with this in the weird times that we find ourselves in. »Death Machine« is a ritualistic journey that delivers the unexpectedly uplifting sonic balm that the world needs in 2023.”

Sinister, brooding, and heavy enough to dislodge the earth from its axis, »Death Machine« is a thrilling entry into the annals of Southern Hemisphere Doom and will be released on 1st December 2023 via Evil Feast Records.

Get limited edition vinyl here:

Recorded by Tom Anderson at North-Western Recorders
Mixed by James Goldsmith
Mastered by James Plotkin

Demons Of Noon is:
Jonathan Burgess – Bass, Vocals
Aria Jones – Vocals
Abraham Kunin – Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Tamsyn Matchett – Vocals
Joseph McElhinney – Drums, Vocals
Scott Satherley – Guitar, Vocals

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